Why choose Hypnotherapy?

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?  – Cynthia Curry Adv Dip Chyp

You’ve had enough. You’ve reached the end of your rope. That thing, whatever it is, has irritated, annoyed you, upset you for the last time. Whatever it may be, overeating, eating junk food, being fat, bulimic, needing to control food intake, and/or any other eating disorder, or maybe you smoke and you’re fed up smelling like a stale ashtray all the time, not to mention the potential health impacts and effect on your wallet, or you bite your nails or are always picking at your skin.


Maybe you have depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or you have a phobia that impacts in some horribly debilitating way on your life. IBS, chronic pain and fatigue and other medical conditions that just don’t seem to get any better no matter how much medicine your doctor prescribes.


Or you’ve lived your life with crippling shyness, blushing, stuttering, and worse feelings of inferiority or lack of self confidence and self esteem.

When you’ve had enough you’ll try anything. But first, you’ll turn to the avenues you know and are comfortable with, starting first with yourself. And we’ve all been there, trying to change our lives, our circumstances, our habits and behaviours through will power. And it hardly ever works!


For several reasons, firstly because we only get so much willpower every day and once it’s used up, it’s gone. That’s a scientifically proven fact. And secondly, we spend most of our life running our subconscious programmes; we don’t live consciously, and you can’t change the programme just because you’ve decided you want to or even need to.

So, will power doesn’t work. Next you might try your GP, ask advice from friends, see a counsellor, talk to your yoga teacher. You’ll seek advice everywhere and you’re still suffering.

And there’s a reason for this too. Neuroscience research has shown just how strong the mind’s bias for the status quo is. Your brain wants things to stay the same! That’s why you try so many different avenues to promote the change you seek and keep failing. Your mind is telling you, “It may not be great, but we have to put up with it, because there are no other options.”


And finally, you might to us, the Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioners, or as some of us say, The Last Resort. And there’s a reason for that. Because even though hypnosis has been used therapeutically and spiritually for thousands of years and clinically used in Western medicine, albeit on the fringe of, since the 1700’s, the public perception is still of something a bit strange, a bit scary, a bit out there.

Mind control, being turned into a chicken, being asleep while someone messes around in your head. There are plenty of false and sometimes frightening beliefs about what hypnosis is and can do and many people are afraid of losing control.

And yet, hypnotherapy is the one therapy of which you are in total control. You can reject or accept the suggestions you are given and if you accept, you take back control from whatever it was that was running and potentially ruining, your life.


Hypnotherapy is simply where therapy is delivered straight into your subconscious via hypnosis. What’s incredible about it is that you can ask your subconscious to find the trigger for whatever problem it is you’re living with and it brings will bring that trigger event to the forefront of your mind instantly, without years of counselling, psychotherapy or psychiatric treatments.


Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do, although it’s reaction is usually based on really outdated information from childhood trauma, embarrassment, or fear. 20 or more years later and your mind still thinks you want/need the childhood belief and reacts accordingly, as if that belief were still true for you. And that’s where the problem lies.


You learned how to react to stress as a child, and you’re still responding in the same way as that young child. Never mind all the growth, all the years in between, all the learning you’ve done since. And worse, we often can’t see the patterns of behaviour we get stuck in.

And this is why hypnosis is perfect to help you because it is the only therapy tool that allows you to communicate directly with the subconscious, desensitise that old memory and change your thoughts so your adult self is in charge of how you react now.


Your subconscious is the most amazing memory bank, it holds all the details of everything you’ve ever experienced. Everything. It’s all there in the vault of your mind. And as I said earlier, you can ask for the specific instance that created the behaviour you want to change to be brought to the forefront of your mind.


And once that memory is brought to the surface of your mind, your hypnotherapist will guide you into releasing the emotional anchors that have been dragging you down, helping you move into a new life free from that old hurt.


And all the behaviours tied to that emotional trauma get released too. You create new patterns and ways of living that are healthy and helpful, leaving the unhelpful, unsupportive behaviours behind.

Hypnotherapy tunes you into the source of the issue and provides a space for you to release your suppressed emotions in a healthy and safe way. I find that many clients have unknowingly shut down their emotions and feelings and it’s important to allow yourself to have a full range of emotions without shutting down or shying away from them.

It’s a healthy practice to actually tune into your body much more frequently than most of us do (if ever) to see what’s going on and how you’re reacting (or overreacting) to things.


Once the original issue has been overcome, it’s important to find other ways to manage your emotions and feelings and learn how to cope well with the stressors in your life. Your capacity to handle the things that used to make you crumble will seem remarkable once you release the old hurt and the emotions that have been stored up since then.

brain hypnotherapy

As human beings, we’re going to blunder, we falter, and we royally screw up. Making mistakes is the nature of the beast in this thing called life. But, if you want to live well then you have to pick yourself up.

When you seek help, you’re looking for the light at the other end of that deep dark tunnel. And in hypnotherapy, you have found that light. The challenge is to function at your best, regardless of the difficulties life presents. The goal is to achieve the things you want to do and get pleasure from life.

We are not taught how to manage our emotions and feelings as children, a topic I’m passionate about, as learning good life skills allows you to successfully manage all aspects of your life.


However, you can start now and learn how to respond to problems on an ongoing day by day basis to overcome them. People can have the same job/life conditions and yet their ability to function and enjoy life is very different. Why? The difference lies in attitude. The attitude a person has towards their challenges and towards themselves.


You can control how you react to life, instead of allowing the conditions of your life to control you. The cause of difficult emotions is your thinking. And the easiest, most effective way to change that old way of thinking that wasn’t working for you is by hypnotherapy.


‘If you don’t make courageous choices for yourself, no-one else will’ Dick Costolo.

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