The First Annual Feel Good KickStart to the New Year

I’ve had an idea to do a LifeWheel workshop.

I need to do it for myself to clarify my intentions for 2018 and keep focused on my goals, especially regarding my physical health. And then I thought, well, let’s make it a group event, so the energy and wisdom of others in the room lifts and energises us all onto greater things.

Because I’m so weary of making the same New Year’s resolutions every year and nothing changing. Are you?

And I get a bit disillusioned by how hard it is to actually create a better year. Do you?

And sometimes getting clear on goals, making a plan, and trying to follow through on it all makes me feel overwhelmed. How about you?

Okay, maybe that’s just me!

And you know what? I know there are key principles and practices for creating a truly amazing, productive, successful year. And when you know how to align with them, THEY MUST WORK.

Do you Want to Know How to Have a New Year Instead of the Same Year Over and Over?

Roughly 97% of people will experience the same year again – or worse. The 3% that take a quantum leap do it differently. With this training, you’ll be in that top percentile. Whoohoo!

The year’s going to go by either way…you might as well make the most of it. I’ll show you how.

Saturday 13 Jan 10am – 1pm, I’m hosting a workshop at the Centre of WellBeing on Foyle Road. The room is limited to ten participants so that we have a more intimate experience. Pm via Facebook page, email or call to book your place.

10am Welcome and Introduction

10.15am Guided Meditation: What is Guided Meditation? We close our eyes and sit up straight with palms open on our laps. We listen as I speak to you and take your mind on a journey. As you listen your mind will open up, you might intuit things or have visualizations based on what you hear. This will help you plan the best year for you.

10.45am Wheel of life creation: The Wheel is a simple but powerful tool designed to help you get a graphical representation of the present balance between different areas regarding your personal life or organisation, and identify which will most benefit you by improving.

11.45am Interpreting your wheel and deciding what actions to take

12.30pm Accountability checks

1pm Finish

This workshop is rewarding, self-fulfilling, intense, and fun There will be breaks and feel free to bring a lunch to eat at the end. Everyone can bring their own version of a “brown bag. The event is open to any adult who feels ready, mentally, to try something new and work towards creating a richer, fuller, more balanced life.

Monthly follow-ups to stay on track, celebrate gains and overcome setbacks will be confirmed, with private WhatsApp  and Facebook Groups for accountability check ins and to boost each other in-between meetings.

This is not therapy nor hypnosis. Its a Mastermind workshop for a group of people who want support to make sure they make the changes in life they have decided on.

Saturday 13 Jan 10am – 1pm, Centre of WellBeing on Foyle RoadPlease confirm you space in advance. £50 payment for this life changing workshop.


You can get your tickets here



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