Reflect on 2017 before you plan 2018, otherwise you’ll do the same things all over again.

What were the highlights of your year in 2017?
What memories will you cherish from 2017? What events happened that made you feel alive? What are the positives from the past year? What makes you feel good when you think of 2017?
Take at least 15 minutes to reminisce and be honest with yourself. Don’t force and don’t pick things because you think they should feel good, pick what makes you feel good about your 2017 experience.

It doesn’t need to be something spectacular, although good for you if it is. It can be small and humble. Don’t rush over this, it’s super important! We want to bring more of what lights you up into 2018 and this is the starting point!

What were your biggest lessons of 2017?
Maybe you learned that family is the most important thing in your world or that meditation keeps you sane. Maybe you learned that you wish you had more friends in your life or that you give away too much of your energy, time and effort in the wrong places. Whatever you learned, good and bad, write it all down. Lessons are always blessings and if you don’t want to repeat them learn from them now.

When did you feel most like ‘YOU’ in 2017?
Think of a time in 2017 when you just felt so YOU, all of you, uniquely, perfectly imperfect you. How were you feeling each day? What activities were you doing? Go into detail, even think about what you had for breakfast and the clothes you were wearing – these are all things that impact how you feel. Create a full surround sensory experience that describes everything that made that experience so defiantly, definitely, totally YOU.

What habits served you well this year?
Habits build our daily life. They play a direct role in the quality of your future. Getting clear on what habits serve you vs which don’t will allow you to raise your awareness on what needs to change to make sure 2018 is a year of love, adventure and connection.
Maybe, like me, your habit of meditating has really served you well this year, you just need to work on making it a daily practice… maybe, like me, your habit of turning to sugar when you feel down has made you tired and given you bad skin…. first start with writing down what habits served you well…Start a page with this title and keep coming back until you have them, however long it takes to figure them out. ‘5 habits that have served me well in 2017 and why.’

What habits have held you back? It can be tough to get honest and face the things that are holding you back in
life, and it’s the only way to make a positive change.Remember to bring compassion to this exercise. No one’s perfect. Write down the habits that have held you back this year, it’s time to raise your awareness and make conscious aligned decisions. Write down the title and keep coming back to the page until you have them all. ‘Habits that I’m ready to let go of from 2017 and why.’

What relationships served you well vs which didn’t?
Relationships are tough. They’re personal, they’re complicated and they’re also sacred. They play a big role in our life. Surrounding yourself with the right people is so important – when you’re surrounded by the right people you create an environment for you to truly grow and blossom. The right relationships can make our life truly joyful…Or they can drain us and lead us down a destructive path. The truth is, in most situations, we can choose who we spend our time with and that’s exactly what I’d encourage you to reflect on. Who in 2017 has had a positive
impact in your life? Vs who in your life has had a negative impact? You don’t have to act on this list, right now just gain an awareness of who builds you up and who drains you dry.

What choices/decisions did you make that served you well?
Each and every moment we are making a choice. A choice to step closer to our true selves, or a choice to step further away. Sometimes it can be easier, in the moment to step away from our true self because it’s more comfortable, however we usually find that when we have the courage to make choices aligned with our truth, however hard they may be, they usually become some of the best choices we ever made.
Maybe you made some really tough choices like leaving behind a relationship that no longer served you or you finally told a sibling that the way they speak to you is unacceptable and you can no longer spend time with them. Write them all down, they’re so important.

Enjoy reflecting on 2017. There’s no rush to set your intentions for 2018, spend the whole of January reflecting if you must…remember success leaves clues! The more you take the time to understand what went well and why, the better.


And when you’ve done that, book a spot at This year’s Kickstart! To launch you into 2018 with a plan that makes the changes you want easy and effortless.

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