Give me a good reason why! Good questions to ask yourself to change your perspective.


We drift along in life, following the same old patterns, day in and day out. Why?

Seriously, have you ever stopped and asked yourself why? Why do you keep doing the sh!t you’re tired of, why do you keep following the same patterns, indulging in the same behaviours when it just messes up your forward momentum?

We rarely ask ourselves that, do we? We rarely interrogate our behaviour, question the reasons why we behave the way we do. Why not?

And when we do raise questions, they’re usually kind that reaffirm our feeling of powerlessness and victimhood. Why me? What did I do to deserve this?

The thing is, when we ask our brain a question, it goes looking for the answer. Our brains like to answer every question, we’re hardwired that way and when we ask questions like, ‘why does this have to happen to me?’ our brain will find and deliver the answers, no matter how disempowering those answers may be.

One easy thing we could all do to start improving our lives is to start asking our brains better questions, questions that have answers that will delight us, answers that will serve us in creating better habits and behaviours.

To create a happier attitude in life ask yourself some of these questions;

  • Why do good things come so easily to me?
  • Why do I find it so easy to manage my emotions and stay in a good mood?
  • Why am I so intuitive and understand people so easily?
  • Why am I having so much fun with life now?
  • Why is it all coming together for me now?
  • Why do I find it so easy to allow my inner voice to lead my actions?
  • Why is life flowing with such ease for me?
  • Why does it all feel so good?
  • Why do the ideas come together so easily for me?
  • Why am I so blessed?
  • Why am I so good at this?
  • Why does this come so naturally for me?
  • Why do I love doing this?
  • Why does the fun last?
  • Why does it always work out for me?
  • Why do I receive such beautiful miracles?
  • Why am I so confident in who I am and what I stand for?

Read those out loud, I promise you, they’ll immediately make you feel good.

And for improved health, instead of asking the disempowering questions like ‘Why did I get sick?’, ask something like this:

  • Why does every cell in my body vibrate with energy and health?
  • Why do I enjoy eating healthy food and taking care of my body?
  • Why do I love my body so much?

For better business results, or a work and career boost ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why am I allowing my success now?
  • Why is it so easy to ask for the support I need?
  • Why do so many people want to help me with my work?
  • Why do so many people want to support my work?
  • Why have I become so trusting in my ability to do my work and earn great money?

Asking better questions can help change old habits as your brain seeks the answers to these new questions, generating ideas and attitudes that may have long lain dormant. Never underestimate your power to change yourself.

Become aware of your potential for greatness, the power of your mind to change your life in an instant.

Be willing to allow health, happiness and success to flow into your life.

Be passionate about everything and everyone that enters your life.

‘If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.’ Lao-Tzu

And whenever you fall back into using excuses for why you can’t do something, here are seven great questions from the beautiful soul that was Wayne Dyer to challenge your thoughts and get you moving into a better way of thinking.

  1. Is it true? Can you say its 100% true? Most probably not.
  2. Where did these excuses come from? Did you inherit them from your parents, your culture, your friends?
  3. What’s the pay-off for allowing these excuses to stop me moving forward? There’s always a secondary gain of some sort for you to stay stuck, what is it?
  4. What would my life look life if I couldn’t use these excuses?
  5. Can I create a rational, logical reason to change?
  6. Can I access universal co-operation in shedding old habits?
  7. How can I continuously reinforce this new way of thinking and behaving?

Want to improve your life? Ask better questions of yourself and the Universe. It can change everything!





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