Are you helping or hindering your progress in life?

Every day, we make hundreds, thousands of seemingly inconsequential decisions. Probably because in that moment, that decision is not that much of a big deal. So, we hit snooze on the alarm and don’t get up to exercise or work on a project that’s important to us. One day off won’t hurt, right?

No, probably not. But if sleeping in becomes a habit, the rule rather than the exception then you’ll never go for that run and your fitness will suffer or that important project will never get done.

Its in the simple daily disciplines that success lies. And if we want to make changes in our lives, its those simple small decisions that ensure successful change too.

Every decision has the potential to change your life. To eat the cake or not eat the cake. To go out for a walk rather than slump in front of the tv for the evening. To read the chapter of a book on a subject you want to master or lose an hour on Facebook and social media instead.

This might sound judgmental and its not meant to be, it applies to me too, every day. Especially when I’m starting something new. Like today, after a comprehensive health check, I have to give up all sugar and wheat for 6 weeks. And my first thought on walking out of my therapist’s office was ‘Shall I go get a cup of tea and a cake as a last treat before starting this new regimen?’

And in the past, as I walked past the tea shop, I would have definitely headed in. But today, I walked past it. When I stopped to get the paper, a distraction I didn’t need but didn’t manage to say no to, I am proud of the fact that I didn’t buckle and buy chocolate or sweets.

There’s a question I apply to everything and it helps me step back and make a consideration before taking action.

‘Is this decision going to help me or hurt me?’

I’ve been told that when you apply this question to everything, you’ll very quickly start to see differences in your life and after today, I am in total agreement.

I can see how using this question and acting on the decisions that help will move me forward will allow me to successfully implement change in my life.

Equally, ignoring this, making simple errors in judgement every day and you’ll never make the changes that you want in life.

I also ask myself, ‘What’s the next right thing I should do?’ The answer comes from my heart. If it feels right then go do it, if it feels wrong, it’s not your next right thing.

What change do you want to make in your life?

First, identify the change you’re seeking; you need is to be clear on what it is you want most.

Then work it into a time frame. How long are you giving yourself to make this change in your life? Chunk the project down into annual goals, monthly and weekly outcomes and daily disciplines.

And every decision you make thereafter you ask, ‘Is this going to help me or hurt me?’

This way, you can easily make massive improvements in every area of your life through small daily changes that will compound and build on each other.

And if you’re not clear about which change you want to make, ask yourself, ‘What’s the next right thing for me to do?’ and listen to your heart, feel your answer and go for it.





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