Have you got stuck on your weight release and body confidence journey?

Did you know that more than 80% of people regain the weight they fought so hard to lose within two years?

Are you still running around in circles about weight loss, food and exercise? Lose some, put it back on. Lose some and put even more back on. On, off, on, off. Over and over again.

Like me, if you’re reading this, then I’m sure past diets have failed you. Do you know what? That’s okay, because now its time for you to use something that works.

It sounds counter-intuitive but focusing on food and exercise first is not the way to lose weight and most definitely not the way to keep it off.

If you want to be thin, lean and healthy without the struggle around what to eat, then you must stop worrying about food and exercise and start working on the root cause of why you have self sabotaging eating behaviours.

Its not about the food, its about your thoughts, beliefs and the habits they drive.

Its time to allow healing to happen in your mind and in your body. When you clear the old emotions that have been controlling and motivating your self sabotaging behaviour you set yourself up for successful change. At least 2/3 of overeating is caused by emotions, the remainder is caused by bad habits.

We all know self deprivation doesn’t work, you just start to crave whatever it is you’re avoiding even more. What if you could learn to eat well and love it. To not be bothered by unhealthy junk food and the poison that is sugar.

And exercise? Our bodies were built to move and thrive. You can easily change the beliefs that cause your resistance to exercise.

Its time to finally stop running the same old patterns; being ‘good’ for a week and then being ‘bad’ and undoing all that ‘work’. To change your weight, you first need to change how you think. Instead of focusing on what you eat, focus first on what’s going on in your mind.

There are three main categories for you to think about: Events, Beliefs and Emotions.

Events: Are there any experiences from your past that are impacting you in a negative way? When did you begin to carry excess weight? Sometimes an event makes us unhappy or angry or afraid or we feel ashamed or guilty and we turn to food rather than feel those feelings and deal with the issue. And the event doesn’t necessarily have to be anything to do with your weight. When you can remember the event without the anxiety and fear you will stop turning to food to dull what you feel.

Beliefs: What beliefs do you have that could help you stay stuck with excess weight? what stories do you tell yourself about why nothing works for you? Your beliefs and the stories you tell yourself have such an emotional intensity that logic can’t shift them. Get clear on the stories you tell yourself and then remove the emotional charge in them to release that belief.

Emotions: Which emotions are you trying to avoid when you over eat? Which emotions are you trying to give to yourself? Which emotions do you feel when you think about your body? Which emotions do you feel when you think about overeating? Which emotions do you feel if I said I was going to take away all of your comfort foods?

Sit with these questions, sit with a journal to take notes as thoughts arise and always ask yourself if what you are thinking is really true.

We inherit thoughts and beliefs about food from our caregivers, our parents, grandparents, teachers and its important for you to remember that you were born with the most perfect attitude to food. When you were a baby, you ate what you needed and stopped when you had enough. And you can get that perfect attitude to food back again. You simply have to clear all the unhelpful beliefs you’ve accumulated up to now.

And this is where the brilliant, simple work of Clinical Hypnosis excels. In taking you back to events that gave you unhelpful, unhealthy beliefs about food and healing them, releasing the emotional charge and setting yourself free.

Isn’t it time you stopping letting your excess weight hold you back? Call to schedule a consultation and do it before you put on another half stone at Christmas!

With love x




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