There are many ways of making yourself miserable. Which is yours?

Life isn’t necessarily supposed to be easy. Nor, I suspect is it designed to give us everything we think want. However, I do think we could have a lot more fun on this earth if we made things a little easier on ourselves.

And we could live bigger, happier, more fulfilling lives by asking big questions and learning how to live into those ideals. What questions would those be?

You could start by asking yourself what kind of human being do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life? How do I get closer to it everyday?

Because once you are clear on what you want and who you want to be, you can identify the actions necessary to take you there.

Its also good to identify what have been your turning points in the past and what are your blocks.

Of course, many of our blocks exist because we inherit other people’s judgments and values and never actually question whether or not we agree with them or want to live by them. Can we overcome these blocks?

Change always starts with awareness. Start by identifying the blocks and all the ways we make life harder, uglier and less satisfying.

Which of these do you inflict on yourself?

  • Always chasing the carrot. You never stop to enjoy where you’re at right now, all you have accomplished to date, how good life is at this moment. Oh no, not you. You’ll be happy when you’re thinner, smarter, richer, more something, when you get over there not here. You are always thinking of that moment in the future when life will be perfect because of x, y or z. It’s a bit like when its Christmas and you’re thinking of sunshine and summer holidays and you end up missing out on all the festivities. Or you’ve just aced your driving test and instead of celebrating the achievement, you’re thinking about how cool it will be when you have your first car.
  • Doing it all by yourself.  Totally relying on you and only you to get things done. You control. You push. You keep moving. keep doing; never stopping to allow new creative energy and ideas to come in. You never relax, there’s no time or space for that. Its almost as though you’re afraid if you stop for a moment it will all fall apart.
  • You think its all up to you. Similarly to doing it all yourself, you take responsibility for everything. You’re already doing so much, and yet, when you see something that needs to be done, you take more on. You over-commit and then stress out because there’s so much to do, and yet, somehow you always get it all done. You carry the world on your shoulders and end up burnt out, stressed out, and frazzled, with your temper getting shorter and shorter because the weight of the world is too much for just one person, even you.
  • Micromanaging everything. You try to control it all. You organise everything, preparing for all eventualities. Nothing’s going to fall through the cracks when you’re on the job and you work hard and long to make sure nothing is left to chance, that nothing can go wrong. And with everything planned so rigidly, there’s no room to allow new things, unexpected collaborations and surprises to happen.
  • Disconnecting from Source. Whenever you think you have to do it all, prepare for everything and step up to all possibilities by yourself, you’ve cut yourself off from the Creative Source of the Universe. You’re focused on lack, scarcity and the idea of there not being enough. You are too attached to your outcomes, you are cut off from the flow and energy of the Universe. Everything is so much harder when you’re outside of flow.
  • You’ve walled off love. Your heart isn’t fully open, neither to give or receive love, help, support. You’ve closed off your heart to protect yourself and other people.You have no idea how to start being vulnerable and you’re not sure you’d ever want to be.No-one, not even you gets to know the soft heart in you. And the one you should love the most? Other people wouldn’t believe how mean you are to yourself.

Identify your blocks, notice how they show up in your life. And when they show up, instead of shutting down your feelings, open up, feel them, feel everything. Receive the gift of emotions and what they are telling you about life and your experiences. Relax and open up. Soften into them. Let your guard down, open up your heart to love. Open yourself up to life.


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