How every problem you have can be made manageable…

Impressive promise, right?

And I can deliver on it too.

Not with a magic wand or the winning lottery numbers but a strategy, a way of thinking that enables you to solve your every problem.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate how it works.

A man was sitting at a bar, downing one drink after another. His friend, concerned at this unusual heavy consumption of alcohol, asked him what was going on.

The man looked up at his friend through bleary, bloodshot shoes and with a weary resignation in his voice started to describe how he’s been spending every day for the past few months in a state of panic at his work. He’d remortgaged his family home and everything had been riding on this one big deal but he’d made a mistake and one error led to another.

Everything he tried to do in the past year had failed, he was spending longer and longer at the office, going over and over his books, reaching out to friends, past colleagues, even competitors hoping for something to change, that this time the numbers would work out differently. But this was no accounting slip, no decimal point in the wrong place, bankruptcy was looming.

And things at home were awful, his wife wanted to know where he was spending all his time, why he wasn’t talking to her. She knew he was keeping something from her and she thought he was having an affair and they were fighting all the time because he was so ashamed and didn’t want to tell her how badly he’d messed up and failed her.

And his children loathed him, he couldn’t do anything right in their eyes, especially now that he’d stopped being an open cheque book. He didn’t seem able to reach them anymore, to communicate. The boy who used to worship him and wanted to grow up and be like him was locked in his room all the time and wouldn’t meet his eyes when they did cross paths in the kitchen or hallway.

His life was build on sand and now the foundation had been washed away.

After he’d finished his recital, he nodded at the bartender to fill his glass but his friend leaned over and put his hand over his glass and shook his head at the bartender.

‘Man, you’ve got it bad and I feel for you, I really do. I want to tell you a story that I think will help. When I was in Junior High, I was in a maths class. We had a test and I got about half way through when I got stuck. And I was looking at the problem and I just couldn’t see a way to solve it.’

‘I looked around and everyone else in the whole class was working away, they obviously could see a way to solve it. They understood it but it was impenetrable to me.’

‘And I was so stressed and so upset at the idea of being the most stupid kid in the class and I was thinking about going home and telling my old man how badly I’d failed and I just…I just burst into tears. I started crying right there in the middle of class.’

‘And my teacher, Miss Mullan came up to me real quiet, so as not to draw any more attention to me and said, Look every big problem like this that looks too hard to solve is really just made up of lots of little problems. All you have to do is divide it up into the smaller problems and solve them one by one.’

‘I tell ya, man, that advice has changed my life and I think about that teacher and how she helped me every day. Because that advice? I apply it to everything. Those problems that seem to be overwhelming and too big for us to fix? They’re just a load of smaller problems all rolled into one. every one of them’

‘All we have to do is pull it apart and solve the smaller problems one by one,’

He clapped his friend on the back and helped him off the bar stool. ‘The first problem you have to solve is getting sober and cleaned up and then go home and sit down with your wife and tell her what’s going on and ask her to help you, one small problem at a time.’

I once read that the solution to our problems was always within the same problem and I was never sure what that actually meant. I’m still not sure but I think it means that the answer is always there, we simply have to enable ourselves to find it.

I wrote a while back about how little of this fabulous Universe we actually perceive. I mean, we human beings are absolutely amazing but we have surprisingly limited awareness of the world we live in.

For instance, visible light was the only known part of the electromagnetic spectrum for most of history, and even now that we are aware we see a tiny fraction of what exists, we actually don’t understand it and accept it because we reject anything outside of the evidence of our senses.

If the entire electromagnetic spectrum was laid out from LA to New York (In actual fact the limit for longest wavelength is the size of the Universe itself, but for the sake of this illustration lets just say the spectrum is the same size as the distance from LA to New York.)

So, if we were able to see it all, we could see from LA to New York but all we can see is the length of our arm from shoulder to wrist.

That’s how limited our sight is. There’s so much we just don’t allow for in life. Same with all our other senses, we hear a fraction of the sounds of the Universe, we taste a fraction of what’s available in the world, our sense of smell is similarly limited.

We are practically blind, deaf, senseless in the face of what’s available and we resist thinking there’s anything else out there to help us.

And we know that when something is observed the outcome changes to reflect the expectations of the observer.

So what if, when you take actions in the seen world, the unseen moves to meet you and enhance and magnify your actions to your felt intent.

The key worlds are ‘felt intent’ because otherwise pretty much everything we asked and showed intent to make happen would come into being and that doesn’t happen.

But if our felt intent is to solve our problems, then that’s what will happen.

And what is the best felt intent you can have ?

The ideal outcome of course. What would you like to have happen? That’s what you make your felt intent.

This is what RWID is based on. Helping you change your predominant thinking from being about the problem and how bad it is to the end result you want to have happen. Not the problem solved but the ideal situation you want instead.

So in that way, the solution to the problem is in the problem because its forcing you to think about what you would rather experience instead.

And then you do what you’re guided to do. The solution is never just to sit around day dreaming about life being perfect. Yes, you must do that: visualise your ideal life, journal about the life you want to live and then you must take the intuitively aligned actions you’re guided to.

And part of that will be breaking up all your big insurmountable, overwhelming problems into little bite sized chunks you are able to deal with.

And you can solve anything. No matter how big a mess you make, you can resolve it and create an equally big success of your life.

Its doable.

You have to first decide you’re going to change things and then focus on what your best end result is. You work towards you’re ideal outcome, not fixing the problem, That will take care of itself as you go about building the life you want.

How do you eat an elephant?

Bite by bite!

Happy chewing.


Cynthia xx

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