Is this you today?

Are you stressed out of your mind?

Polarised by the news and political views and can’t believe how insane the other side’s pov is?

Your mind constantly churning with thoughts about CoronaVirus, wearing masks, having to go to the shop and people aren’t social distancing, the orange hued President, terror threat at the Capital, BoJo’s chronically bad Prime Ministership, your job, your finances, your health, the health of your loved ones, the fall-out from Brexit. lorry parks in Kent, unable to travel to the EU because we’re not now a part of it and so much more?

Are you ready to turn off the churning thoughts that are making you feel stressed, headachy, sick and tired?

Maybe you’re finally ready to step into a more empowered way of thinking?

I’m looking for my soul mate clients, people who realise they’re not getting over their own sh!t by themselves. They’re still stuck, still running the same old patterns and the same old f*cking problems keep showing up.

And they just don’t, can’t, won’t deal anymore.

I’m looking for people who are want to get over themselves faster, and are ready, willing and able to do the work and are ready, willing and able to pay to get the results they want.

You are your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. How you think, what you believe and the way you show up in the world creates your well-being or your ill-being. (New word – I like it, it makes sense to me!)

Think wisely, in ways that support you living well. And if you think you’re thinking doesn’t influence your life- just look at the results you’re living with right now. Where did they come from? What were you thinking about?

Think about what you’re thinking about and change the focus.

Ready to take responsibility and do the work that improves your life?

Imagine if you fully trusted that you could be all of you and be taken care of, what would that look like, sound like, feel like?

Do you know who is the only person on earth who can give you that?

Yes, its YOU!

So why are you not doing it?

Want help to get out of your own way?

That’s what I do. Message or email to book a consult or click here to my calendar page…


Cynthia xx

PS. Feeling stuck? Anxious? Unable to break out of that cycle of doom and gloom thinking? Or overcome the above obstacles by yourself?

Then get in touch, that’s what my work does and does it damn well! This program is designed for men but the same work is available to women. Don’t stay disconnected a moment longer. Find your way back to your heart and soul and reconnect to who you were born to be. And start building the foundations to a happy, strong, healthy life!


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