Its a beautiful world, its a gorgeous day!

Its one of those days, those amazing, gorgeous, sundrenched, blue-skied, glorious summer days that we dream of, that fills you with hope, optimism, joy and the sense that life is yours for the taking.

Its been a tough couple of weeks, so dark, dreary, cloudy, grey and cold, filled with fear and uncertainty as governments ease lockdown restrictions but leaving us still confused, unsure and not feeling safe.

This process of readjustment is going to be different for everyone. Some of us are going to be anxious about going into places with more people than we’ve maybe seen in over 4 months. Others can’t wait to get back into the social whirl.

Its a time for patience and understanding, for ourselves and other people.

On as Zoom call, a friend of mine told me how she had invited one of her older friends over to her home for coffee now that was allowed. Pauline did all she could to make her guest feel safe and comfortable, disinfecting the hall and bathrooms of her home, all of her door knobs, anything she might be likely to touch. She put a throw on the chair and put a cup and teapot on a separate tray. And made sure the chairs were 2 metres apart.

And this lady, who is in her 70s and had been shielding for over 4 months, isolated and alone in her home, walked into Pauline’s home and enveloped her in a big hug and did the same with Alan, Pauline’s husband. Which they were completely unprepared for and felt shaken and disturbed by.

You can see how desperate this woman was for contact, just as easily as you can understand Pauline’s hesitancy in welcoming the close physical embrace.

We’re all coming through this global crisis together but with very different personal experiences, views and outcome boundaries. All of which means that coming into the world again is going to be different for each of us, with vastly varied hopes and fears, concerns and personal parametres of what’s okay for us right now in being with other people.

For me, I went to a local country park yesterday with Amelia as I knew there’d be more people around but its acknowledged that being in the open air means contact with and contracting Covid 19 is more unlikely.

And I’ll tell you frankly, the crowds I encountered made me slightly anxious but I realised I had to persevere. I wanted to rehabilitate myself to people, to having others around me. Because I too had barely encountered another soul for 4 months bar the other dog owners Amelia and I occasionally met on our walks. Zoom connection had been my lifeline during this period.

This is where the work will be for each of us, pushing our comfort zone  out further little by little every day whilst staying safe, recognising the need to socially connect again to rebuild a fulfilling, full life.

Days like today make that seem easier.

Enjoy your glorious Sunday. Stay safe and be as social as you’re comfortable with and today, do what you can. Tomorrow, keeping your care as your priority do a little bit more. Remember, being socially connected is essential for our good health too.

Build on your accomplishments day by day. You’ll get where you want to be sooner than you think.


Cynthia xx

PS. Change for Life. If you went into this Covid 19/Lockdown crisis and you were already traumatised, anxious and insecure, you might be finding it even harder to cope now. Contact me and let’s work together to return you to full life, living on your terms (Public Health Measures notwithstanding!)


Change for Life with HypnoTherapyCoaching, Reconnect to Your True Self


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