Jeepers, its December already! WTF happened to 365 days being in a year?

I feel like someone is taking my days away. I can’t have experienced 11 months of 2020 yet, can I?

And yet, we all know we have. Even in 2020, time seems to be a fluid, slippery thing. All those long endless spring and summer days of the first Lockdown feel like a lifetime ago and here I am surprised to be almost at the end of the year.

Happens every year for me. Good and bad days, all merge into a mass of memory that’s not clear or really all that important. Just a parade of one day after another.

Unsettling to think of the year we’ve just lived through like that.

And yet, for all its weird, difficult challenges and absolute uniqueness, 2020 is just another year.

And we’re almost at the end of it.

And I don’t want to do another, ‘did you have a good year? did you do all the thing you said you do?’ post because this is really not the year for that nonsense.

But, we still live. And we still want to make the best of our lives so I’m going to ask ‘The Question’ in this way…

“Where you would like to be and have known for a long while you would like to be but still aren’t?”

Journal your answers to this and be tough with yourself, no hiding from the truth, no glib responses. Write down everything and then dig deeper.

  • Be brutally specific and honest about where you would like to be in life, in all aspects of life: health, wealth, love, spirituality, connection, family, friends, work, impact – everything you want that you don’t currently have.
  • Now list why you are NOT there. And again, don’t just skim on the surface. If you’re going to say because you don’t have the money, why not? What are you spending your money on? If you aren’t making changes that would impact your health like changing what you eat or drink or stop bad habits, why not? Dig deeper and keep digging until you identify the truth of why you’re not changing to achieve the life you want.
  • Next, identify the changes you need to make. Make a list, check it twice! Seriously, make a list and then identity the top 1 or 2 things you could do to start making changes.
  • Think about making those changes. Don’t do anything yet. Rushing into action is what kills most efforts to change dead. Think about it, think about the impact those changes you’re going to make will have on your life. Imagine yourself in the future and all those changes have happened, how will you feel? If you don’t feel amazing and life is beautiful then these are not the right changes to make.
  • The changes you identify to start with must supercharge your feelings of positivity, self appreciation and joy in achieving it. Keep working through your list mentally until you get to the changes that give you the most juice.
  • And keep thinking, imagining, dreaming about making those changes, seeing yourself as having them done and you living a different life.

Everything you want starts with a thought. Everything you don’t want starts with a thought too.

You get to choose.

“Now is the time to get serious about living your ideals. Once you have determined the spiritual principles you wish to exemplify, abide by these rules as if they were laws, as if it were indeed sinful to compromise them. Don’t mind if others don’t share your convictions. How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be? Your nobler self cannot wait any longer. Put your principles into practice – now. Stop the excuses and the procrastination. This is your life! You aren’t a child anymore. The sooner you set yourself to your spiritual program, the happier you will be. The longer you wait, the more you’ll be vulnerable to mediocrity and feel filled with shame and regret, because you know you are capable of better. From this instant on, vow to stop disappointing yourself. Separate yourself from the mob. Decide to be extraordinary and do what you need to do – now.”


I love this quote and here’s what I know to be true. We all have it within us to be extraordinary. You simply need to decide to be so.

How long can you afford to put off who you really want to be?

Start today, start now.

Follow the exercise above. Just do it. Get started and go be extraordinary.

Because you deserve to be, its what you were born for.

The world is waiting for you to show up and show yourself as the BEST self you can be.

There is always a way for you to be all you want to be. Ask to be shown how.

Start by feeling good about yourself, choose the goals that make you feel so good about who you are and who you are becoming.

Meditate on it, daydream about it and ask for the way ‘how’ to be shown.

But first you have to decide that’s who you are going to be, that’s what you want and nothing’s going to stop you.

Not even yourself!

Because the biggest obstacle to you being where you’d like to be, being who you want to be?

That would be you, your old ways of thinking and being, your old habits and insecurities and doubts and fears.

Everything you want to be is an inside job.

Everything that will stop you is also an inside job.

Decide that no matter what you are always going to show up as the BEST SELF you can be right now, and do the work the Universe/God/Source/Intuition puts in front of you.

That is the ‘how,’ by showing up and doing what you are shown to do. And to start all you have to do is daydream, imagine, meditate and journal.

But the absolute first thing you have to do? The thing you’ll have to do everyday, even multiple times a day?


Decide you want this for yourself more than all the other sh!t that could hold you back.




Every day, make that commitment to yourself.

Show yourself you believe in yourself, that you are worth it.

Because you are.

I said so!


Cynthia xx

PS. Please like, comment and share below is this message connected with you. I love to hear how my work lands with people. And also, stop messing around! If you’re reading this, you need me. Email or message me to see how best we can work together to give you what you need. It might be a list of free resources I offer, it might be a program or course that’s not too expensive or you might want to jump right in and fully commit to yourself with a personal 1:1 hypnotherapycoaching program. Whatever you need, I’ll work with you to guide you to gaining it all. That’s a promise xx



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