Life is a rollercoaster, are you screaming in excitement or bricking it?

Yeah, I know its a cliche, life is like a rollercoaster. But it is…and if you don’t experience the ups and downs and get the rush from all the different emotions we experience during a single day then you’re either dead or on anti-depressants.

All the intensity is there in grief, anger, pain. shame, humiliation equaled only by the euphoria of love, joy, happiness and peace.

All emotions are transitory, they are fleeting. The good, bad, and worst, all last only 90 seconds at most. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, A Brain Scientist’s Personal Journey, describes the 90-second rule as,

“Once triggered, the chemical released by my brain surges through my body and I have a physiological experience. Within 90 seconds from the initial trigger, the chemical component of my anger has completely dissipated from my blood and my automatic response is over. If, however, I remain angry after those 90 seconds have passed, then it is because I have chosen to let that circuit continue to run.”

Emotions rise like a wave, crest and then ebb away. IF we allow it.

The thing is though, we attach stories to our emotions, especially the hurtful, harmful ones. We create a whole narrative around what we’re feeling not only to justify why we feel so bad but also to try and stop ourselves from feeling the fullest expression of that pain.

Because its so intense and we don’t like new, intense experiences. And because its so jarring we suppress, we repress, deny and ignore.

And so that wave builds, unseen and unacknowledged. You’re building a wall to hold back a tsunami of feeling, and every day some small slight adds to it and the pressure builds.

Ever been ticked off by some small slight, a barely notice worthy irritant, and yet suddenly you’re in a full blown rage, swamped by feelings, a surge of fierce emotions that has you apologising and saying something like ‘I’m sorry, I over reacted, I don’t know where that came from.’

All those little daily nips and ticks feed into that massive, pent up churning wave of emotion you have tried to barricade yourself off from.

And occasionally, one of those little nips, an almost inconsequential thing is all it takes to bring that barricade down, for the wave of emotion to burst through and flood through you. And so, you over react 😉

Because you’ve been under reacting and non-reactionary for years as you’ve avoided feeling your feelings.

Repressed emotions combined with the unconscious patterns that keep putting us in the path of our triggers, that keep us repeating old harmful behaviours and recreating adversarial relationships are a volatile combination just waiting to blow up.

The problem is, we get used to living in that toxic trade off. We keep running our old patterns, we bury the emotions that raises and we do it over and over and over.

We often think that unleashing that torrent of emotion is worse than what we’re putting up with in our lives.

But its never going to go away, its never going to magically disappear, no matter how much we pretend it doesn’t exist.

What’s the worst thing to happen is unleashing that torrent in an uncontrolled situation, when you’ve been pushed to the brink, overwhelmed with whatever is going on in your life and it all gets directed at unsuspecting, innocent bystanders, when you lash out at others and inflict damage to them and more than likely to yourself.

However if you can allow yourself the time and space to feel what you are suppressing in a safe, supported environment, then even though you’ll still feel overwhelmed by the intensity of it all, you’ll have the knowledge that you’re safe, you’re okay even in the midst of that storm and able to feel it, release it, and let it go.

This is some of the most important work you can do for yourself. You break through the dam, release the flood, unleash the power. You can weather the storm of emotions, you had the capacity to hold it all inside, you also have the capacity to feel it all and release it. You simply have to be brave enough to feel it all.

Hold nothing back.

What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll feel awful for a couple of hours or days or maybe a week. Not much longer than that, because as you start to feel your feelings, they move through you and out of you. You’ll cry, weep, wail, grieve, rage, FEEL. And at the end of it all? You’re free of it!

You are finally free. You’ve released everything you were holding in.

Imagine how much energy you must be using in holding back all that emotion from the past. How on earth do you still function?

Now picture you having all that energy free to direct to building the life you want to live, to creating the relationships, the work, the finances, a life you’ll love to live.

Release, let it go and live.

You deserve your freedom, you are worth going through the pain to get to the other side. Give this amazing chance at starting over fresh, free and clear to yourself.

And if you want help with it, that’s what I’m here for.


Cynthia xx

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