What is your subconscious up to in your life?

You think you’re in control, in charge, making it happen. You’ve decided, you’re going for it. Giving up that old unhealthy habit, whatever it is or incorporating a new healthy behaviour into your daily routine.

This time, nothing and no-one is going to stop you.

Ha! Back to where you started! Because that’s what happens. That’s what we do.

We sit in our conscious mind and decide we want to have this new experience, whether it’s to be a non-smoker or to be less aggressive and angry, to go on a diet, get fitter, to read more intellectual books, to stop gambling, stop creating conflict and embrace peace, start a daily meditation practice.

All the ways we want to change. From the top down and inside out.

And we really want those changes. Lack of desire is not the problem. Nor is it lack of motivation. You couldn’t even say its ignorance because we can always find what we need, step to step guides on how to do anything are only a google or youtube search away.

Its times like this that you can clearly see that your subconscious beliefs are a real factor in your life.

You know what you want in your life, and maybe you’ve even done a Wheel of Life with a coach and mapped out eight, ten twelve different aspects of your life and identified in detail exactly what you want in each. You’ve invested time, money, effort.

And you’re still not living it, right?

Look at what is showing up in your daily experience, you day to day life. That is what your subconscious believes you want.

If you don’t like your current lived experience, then its time to go inside and clear out the subconscious beliefs that are creating those experiences.

Your subconscious beliefs influence your energy patterns, the energy with which you show up in the world. And as we live in an energetic universe, the energy you transmit creates your lived experience. This is what brings your day to day into reality.

Clean up your subconscious beliefs, clear out the energy patterns that don’t serve your conscious needs and wants and that creates the space for new patterns of energy to show up.

You are the most powerful influencer in how life works out for you. Good or bad, its you, or rather your subconscious that decides the life you live.

When you commit to change, take a look at life as it is now, and see it as nothing more than clues to the beliefs you hold. This is where you get to play detective.

Unhappy relationships, unfulfilling job, difficult financial situation, poor health, whatever the challenges you are facing, they show you that you hold a perception, a belief in your subconscious mind that creates that experience.

Clear those old beliefs, input new, more beneficial beliefs and life changes.

Think about what you’re thinking about. Clear out the old and input the new and focus solely on the new, the things you want. RWID your life into being what you want it to be.



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