Nostalgia for the past can be a gateway to healing

I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea and a snack after my morning meditations – hummus and cucumber on Nairn’s gluten free crackers – quite yum actually!

And as I was waiting for the kettle to boil, I did something I NEVER do – started humming! And even more weirdly, I was humming a hymn!

One learned in childhood, ‘How great thou art.’ One of the powerful, moving traditional hymns, one of those soul stirring, uplifting, transcendent songs that the Christian Church does so well.

I’ve just recently read Rupert Sheldrake’s ‘Science and Spiritual Practices,’ and in it he devotes a chapter to the power of community singing, as well as talking about the power of solo chanting.

I started thinking about how that could all be potentially lost now due to the Covid 19 restrictions. The beauty, the majesty, the sense of community and bonding that singing together gives us. How uplifting and inspiring and healing it is and I think we have to be careful not to throw away that which enriches our lives, the things that make life worth living in the effort to be Covid safe.

Because to be well, we have to feel and experience community and closeness and togetherness. As I’ve said before, this is an evolved human need. We need these community bonding experiences.

We need beauty.

We need togetherness.

And sometimes we need to sing.

Which is a big outside world issue.

For our inner world?

When these little nudges, the fleeting glimpses of something coming through consciously show up in your daily experience…embrace them!

These little nods to inspiration and joy are hoping for us to notice them, to pay attention, to give them their due.

What is in that moment for you?

You’ll never know if you just brush it aside and go on your way.

I grabbed my tablet and looked up the words to the hymn and found a video of one of my favourite gospel singers singing this like a prayer from my heart. I started singing, tears forming as I remembered standing beside my Mum in church, she singing her heart out as she loved to do and me barely mouthing the words, listening to her in awe.

Healing can be found in memories.

It felt so good to be connected to that memory, to be connected to my Mum’s energy through that song.

Don’t brush these moments aside. Learn into them, give them your attention.

When we do this, we can find joy, remembrance and maybe even peace, acceptance, healing. As we allow ourselves the time and space to process the emotions that were trapped within that memory capsule.

These moments can be cathartic, releasing decades of suppressed feelings and maybe it’s simply the remembrance of a shared experience with someone you love looked at from the perspective of years gone by and the person you’ve now grown into that gives it a magical quality.

And that in itself is worth the giving of time and space and attention.

Today, and in future days, as you go about your daily tasks and doings, pay attention to the things that come up in your mind. Those little fragments of sensory memory. Some may bring something good, some maybe be less than welcome, but all are a reminder of who you once were, where you came from.

You don’t have to choose to stay being that person, and you may already have changed so much. You don’t have to stay in that place you came from, but acknowledging your origins enables you to see how far you’ve come, how much you’ve grown…or not.

And of course, from this point, you get to decide again, to choose to change or keep going as you are.

Allow that glimpse of your past to refresh your mind, to reinforce your direction or inspire you to strike out on a different path today.

Or simply to pause and appreciate that moment in time and the people you were with and give thanks you’re here to appreciate what it brought to your life, then and now.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. You decide.

Today will you be informed by your past, making decisions based on what you want today and what you want to create for your tomorrow?

That’s better than living in the past, or living controlled by the past.

Look back, sure, but live now, appreciate what was and move on.


Cynthia xx


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