Past Lives: Present Healing: Future Freedom. Part 2.

Everyone attending the Past Life Regression training was a qualified Clinical Hypnotist, some people were also Reiki and energy workers so they had a head start on us more analytical types. And by the end of the two days, every one of us had had several astonishing experiences of Past Life Regression and been instructed in energy reading at a basic level.

Before I explain the energy reading training which happened on Day 2, I want to finish talking about the astonishing Past Life Regressions we witnessed on Day1.

Mary K Anderson, our tutor is considered one of Ireland’s foremost Past Life Regression experts, and is kind, generous and incredibly empathetic in her manner and teaching. At the start of the day she asked for a volunteer and I put up my hand. I had looked forward to this training for months and was determined to get every drop of learning I could out of it, for myself and the clients who come to me for help.

I went to the front of the room and sat down opposite Mary K, she reached out and took both my hands and I closed my eyes as it was so intense. I opened them again and she looked at me and said ‘you are so sad, there’s a overwhelming sadness and grief just below the surface of your everyday emotions.’ And as she said the words I felt both a massive spurt of grief, sadness, loneliness and a relief to have it acknowledged.

I had squashed those feelings down for god knows how long and had never allowed them to surface. Tears sprang to my eyes and I felt rocked to my core. Mark K advised me to start dealing with my feelings, acknowledge and heal them, which I know as a mental health expert but the words ‘physician heal thyself’ rang in my brain. I’d been fooling myself that I was dealing with my stuff, just as we all do when we push to appear ‘normal’ or ‘okay’ or even ‘fine’.

I went back to my place amongst the other attendees, a bit shaken by how she had so quickly and intuitively tapped into my emotional truth, revealing to me what I had failed to face. I wanted to learn how to do that! But there was little time for reflection, Mary K was wowing us with her next demonstration.

She asked everyone to think of a phrase they might say frequently, even unconsciously. A motto or mantra that a person might not even know they are saying. Once the volunteer was in place with the fairly innocuous and upbeat phrase. ‘Laughter is the best medicine’, Mary K stunned us all again.

The demo participant, let’s call her Katie was encouraged to say her motto over and over again, faster and faster, and suddenly she was regressed and living out the final moments of a harrowing past life. There was something for Katie to learn here, something to heal and release. Mary K guided Katie through this life experience, right up to when she exited it, she was then asked to review the life and to say what she needed to learn from it. Mary K then took Katie through a healing and releasing process before bringing her back to full awareness.

It was incredible to watch a simple phrase used every day take someone back 300 years to a past life. How powerful and impactful, as well as being dramatic!

The second volunteer, Tom, was just as astonishing. In fact his experience seemed even more visceral and punchy, possibly because this big six foot man regressed to being a frightened  three year child and his body language, posture, and features reflected that persona change. Again, all this transpired through the repetition of a frequently used phrase in Tom’s every day life. In his case, it was ‘Its a windup.’

What shook me, apart from the obvious simplicity of regressing using this method, was that both people taking part had somewhat lighthearted phrases that took each of them back to a harrowing, dreadful time just before they died.

The experience was startling. The details that both Katie and Tom could give about their individual past lives; the dates, locations, descriptions of themselves, their clothes, the area around them, the other people there was staggering. I was awestruck and humbled. Because both were able to heal pain and trauma that was making itself felt in their lives today. That was why I was attending, that’s what I came to learn; how to help myself and others and release old pain, old grief, old sadness.

All of this and we were still on day 1. With much more to come, including working on each other to each have our own personal past life regression.

Mary K then asked to work specifically with another one of the attendees who had had a powerful, frightening past life revealed during the visualisation I described in Past Lives: Present Healing: Future Freedom. Part 1.There was more healing work to be done.

We’ll call her Jane and Jane had gone back to a truly frightening moment in a past life, a period full of terror, grief and pain. Mary K guided Jane through this past life to remember the good that had come prior to the time of fear and injury. Jane was then guided past her exiting of this life to a healing and releasing and also forgiving.

I do not want to reveal full details of other people’s past lives, however in order to understand the full healing impact of this Regression therapy I need to tell you a little about this past life of Jane’s as a native enslaved, transported by boat and sold on the dock. She was shackled at the neck and wrists and ankles and flogged on her back. In her life in 21st century Dublin, Jane had never slept on her back and often experienced pain and pressure across her shoulders, neck and collar bone.

The next morning, Jane reported that for the first time in her life she slept on her back and the pain and pressure on her neck, shoulders and collarbone was gone. She still wasn’t sure if she could face a boat trip but she was open to the idea now where before it would have been rejected out of hand.

This was why I was here at this training. It wasn’t just the admittedly fascinating glimpses into people’s past lives and the possibilities of discovering more about who I was and why I was the way I am, it was for the healing. And I wanted more now.

Past Lives: Present Healing: Future Freedom. Part 1

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