Past Lives: Present Healing: Future Freedom. Part 3.

Training to be a Clinical Hypnotist, I’d never even considered the therapeutic uses of Past Life Regression. For myself, Past Life Regression was just something I was interested in for years, more for the thrill of imagining what scenes of history I might have lived through and the possibility of peeping back at those events personally than its potential and power in healing long held emotional and physical pain.

Now I was learning how Past Life Regression could be used as a therapeutic tool for people who had often tried everything else to heal a problem without success. And I wanted to learn all I could and see how it could be used. And everything on this weekend was an invitation to learn more, do more, help more. The more our tutor, Mary K Anderson talked, the more I wanted to be able to do what she did.

The very first exercise we did the next day was jaw dropping, opening us up as it did to the potential of our bodies and emotional resonance. The attendees, all fully qualified Clinical Hypnotists, were divided into two groups. Group A were asked to sit in a row in the center of the room, with a row of chairs opposite. We in Group B sat down in the vacant chairs directly across from our training colleagues.

Prior to sitting down, Group B had been briefed by Mary out of earshot of the people in Group A. When Group A were instructed to shut their eyes, we in Group B swapped seats, so the people in Group A had no idea who was now sitting opposite them, in fact they had no idea we had swapped seats at all.

Group A were then instructed to feel the emotional energy of the person sitting opposite, to feel into their state of being, switching off the analytical mind and using intuition and instinct alone. The exercise was given a few minutes before Group A were instructed to open their eyes. There were plenty of surprised faces!

The energy readers were asked to give feedback on what impressions, feelings, what they had sensed about the person opposite, and it was uncanny in a few instances just how much the sensed energy and emotions chimed with the person being read.

The person opposite me didn’t seem to get very much, but Tom, who had been sitting opposite me originally before I had switched places seemed to have taken a sense of where I experienced pain in my body from the car accident four years ago.

Then it was time to switch roles. Group B, my group, were asked to close our eyes and Group A moved seats so we had no idea who was sitting opposite us and then it was my turn to ‘read’ another person’s energy. Whoa, did I start to panic! I’m not a woo woo person, I so admire people who can tune into energy, who can read a room, read other people, see another’s emotional and physical health in ways I can’t even imagine.

So, I sat there with my eyes screwed shut tight, going, ‘what am I doing, I can’t do this, Who am I kidding?’

And then I just started listening to Mary K, she was telling us to switch off our thinking, to switch off our brain and go inside and reach out with our senses, with our own emotional resonance. When its written down after the event, that sounds very woo woo right? And yet, it made sense and I started just allowing myself to sense what was opposite me.

And at first there was a sense of pressure on my neck, shoulders and collar bone. I knew this wasn’t mine, it had appeared in my sense field as I reached out. The pressure subsided and I saw the moon on the horizon on a dark, balmy night, shining a path of shimmering beautiful silver light on the ocean. That scene faded and I saw a small wooden rowing boot in a pond on a warm sunny day and got the impression that the person I was reading was in the boat with their legs dangling over the side, feet in the water, laughing and loving life. The final image I received was of a beautiful fiery bright sun coming up, the dawning of a new day, a new beginning for the person opposite me.

When we opened our eyes, I saw Jane sitting opposite me. ‘Well’ I said, it just made perfect sense after what she had told us about the past life she had experienced in the group visualisation on the previous day. I told you about it in Part 2.

The pressure on my shoulders, neck and collarbone mirrored her experiences and as I said what I had seen in her future, she told us that she was going on a cruise with a friend in the summer. Previously, she had always hated going on boats but had been determined to do this for herself and her friend. And I wrapped up my recounting of my energy reading by telling her that she had entered a new era in her life, free of the trauma and pain she had carried forward from that harrowing past life, as represented by the rising sun.

Woohoo! Look at me, being all woo woo! And when I think about, I’ve always been intuitive about other people, knowing when they are unhappy, angry, upset. When I was young, I had always felt other people’s and animals hurt and pain and cried with them and for them. I had just shut that part of me down because I’d been told I was too sensitive and took things too personally. And yet, I’ve always thought sensitivity is actually a strength and it takes great courage and resilience to be sensitive in this world.

And then came the centrepiece of the training, our opportunity to regress a partner to a Past Life experience and to be regressed ourselves.

As I said everyone attending the training was a fully qualified and practicing Clinical Hypnotist, so we were all in safe hands with each other. We all knew and were experienced in inducing hypnotic trance and dealing with issues uncovered in that state. It was time to get into the heart of the weekend’s training, this was what we had all come for.

The group split into two and we went off in our pairs to experience both the hypnosis and the hypnotising. My partner was a lovely person, as I have found most hypnotherapists are, after all,  all we want to do is help people. And Barbara asked to be regressed first. Great, it gave me a chance to see how easy or difficult it is to take someone back to a previous life.

Its surprisingly easy! Once you have the tools, you just use them in the right order and the client does the work. I induced a light hypnotic trance in Barbara and she traveled back to past life in the early 1900s. I’m not going to say much about this because its Barbara’s story to share, suffice to say there was some turmoil and energy blocks to clear. I led Barbara through a release of stuck painful energy and brought her back to full awareness.

Past Life Regression is no more difficult than normal hypnotic regression, it just has nuances that you need to be aware of when working with a client and the process is a bit different and its exciting to see just where and when the subconscious takes the client.

Barbara then regressed me to a Past Life  experience. Wow, it felt so real, the immersion of all my senses in a place and time that was not mine. I traveled back to being a primitive, a tribeswoman dressed in animal skin holding a spear, looking up at vast sheer cliffs that were keeping me and my people stuck in a lush green valley. It was dense vegetation, almost tropical looking to my mind.

The sun was bright in the blue sky, not like the rainy, grey day I’d left behind in 21st century Dublin. And I was out on my own, scared stiff, resentful and annoyed. The rest of the tribe had sent me out by myself with one spear and a little knife, to catch and kill dinner. This was a punishment because I’d been advocating a better way to catch the animals using traps. Apparently in this life I was also too smart for my own good!

I wanted to do things differently, I wanted to  try something new, I believed there was a better way to do this task. This is something I’ve always known in pretty much every situation, every field, every company I’ve ever worked in, there’s always a better way to get things done.

And often I never trust my instincts and go forward with the new way because I’ve been scared of judgement, of rejection, of not fitting in and being accepted. And yet, when I have trusted my instincts and gone for it, brilliant things have occurred for me, my employers businesses, everyone involved.

My regression was so compelling in how it related to my life, so specific to issues that I have struggled with ever since I was a little girl: that feeling of being an outsider, not accepted, too smart for my own good, I’ve felt that all from my own family. This regression was waiting for me to access it so I could learn from it, review that lifetime, see the lesson, take it in, release the pain, frustration and fear so as to allow change to happen.

Its okay for me to do things in a different way, its more than okay, its brilliant. Trial out different things, see what works, what works better and go for it. Stop being scared, stop holding back. Be all of myself without fear of fitting in, my tribe will find me.

This is why Past Life Regression is so powerful, because the past life is an exemplar of the issues we now face in this life at a visceral, physical level, not an emotional energetic one. And when you heal the trauma and pain from the past, that healing ripples all the way through your energetic being to heal those issues in current time.

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And if you want to learn more and experience your own Past Life Regression, get in touch here.

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