Remember: Nothing changes unless YOU change. But, what do you have to do to change?

I’ve been saying it for a while, so I hope you’ve got it, but here it is again. You create change when you change your beliefs.

Sounds so simple doesn’t it?

But, if you’ve ever tried to change anything in your life, you’ll know it’s anything but easy.

Change your life by changing your beliefs. Because its your beliefs that create your life. So, if you’re unhappy in any area of your life, what is it you believe about yourself, and how the world reacts to you that is causing that friction?

I know this is true, and I know that we can change our beliefs. But here’s what I also know, there’s no magic formula, no pill or button, or programme or book or magic bean or kiss or anything that will create that change instantly and forever.

I mean yes, I love the results my clients get when they engage with my work. But here’s the truth. While it feels amazing in the moment, it doesn’t always last forever.

It hurt to write that, but above all I must be honest with you.

Why though? Why does it not last? and is there something else out there that does?

That’s kinda been my holy grail, looking for the thing that’s going to change my beliefs, change my thinking so life gets easier, brighter, nicer all round without the hard, painful and yucky bits.

And then sharing what I learn with you so you can effect change in your life too.

I have read every book I can get on this subject, I have had so many different therapies, used so many different modalities and taken so many courses. All with that end in mind. To heal my beliefs, to delete, eradicate and remove the ones that are holding me back from the life I want and replace them with beliefs that support me in getting that ideal vision of my life into my reality now.

And just recently I was working with one of my favourite teachers on this very subject. Margaret Lynch, the mentor who informed my inner child work and made me convinced this is where real transformation exists.

And not only with Margaret, I was working with Morty Lefkoe, who takes a much more cerebral approach but again, it’s all about removing those old, unhelpful beliefs and allowing new, useful beliefs to form.

And because I wasn’t satisfied with my findings, I went looking for another source. (hint: even though I know better, I’m still looking for a magic fairy tale ending to this dilemma)

And so, I found a new teacher: Lion Goodman, who promises wonderful things with his ‘Clear your beliefs’ program. So much so that I am thinking of signing up for it.

And yet in reading Lion’s book, I find the same thing I’ve discovered in my own experiences, here’s a quote that says it all:

‘Is this a magic pill that will suddenly make your problems disappear? Sadly, no. What we offer is a powerful set of tools that has everything you need to build whatever you wish….You have hundreds, or thousands of limiting beliefs programmed into you. So it takes time and effort!’

Ah, I thought, here I am, doing my small part to help people affect change in their worlds and I am always seeking ways to improve what I do and yet, this guy who’s been doing this work for 40 years with a global following is saying more or less the same things as me.

Change is available and it can be instant at the subconscious level but it must be worked on, developed and guarded to survive and thrive.

And for me, there’s no point trying on new positive beliefs if you haven’t got rid of the harmful, limiting ones that have been holding you back.  That’s like putting whipped cream and chocolate sauce on a pile of mouldy, rotten veggies, There isn’t anything going to make that taste good!

Which is why I say affirmations and positive intentions, while feeling great on a superficial level, they might even make us feel like we conquering our thinking, don’t address the issue at all.

Below the surface is the rotten disempowering belief that’s been holding us back in the first place and while you might make a few small positive changes, it’s not enough to move you all the way to where you want and you’ll quickly lapse back into your old ways of thinking.

What do you do then to achieve the life you want?

Like I said at the start, you change your life by changing your beliefs.

Starting with recognising what it is, where it came from and addressing the issues it has caused in your life.

How do you do that?

Start by looking for clues in your life.  Start with what’s making you unhappy with life right now. You know what you want don’t you? If not, get clear on what you want in life and write it all down. And then uncover what is in the way of you getting it. What are the obstacles, the barriers and blocks that are stopping you, holding you back from it all?

And then, like your own personal Sherlock Holmes, you figure out what the beliefs you have that are creating those obstacles, barriers and blocks.

Here’s where engaging outside help really pays off, because I know where to go looking for these beliefs, I know where they are held in your body, in your subconscious mind, in your super consciousness (your Highest Self) and I know know how to release them at a deep, deep level, letting go of them, freeing you from them.

But here’s the kicker, you have to do the work too. Every day, you have to engage with all parts of yourself, you have to build the daily discipline of looking after yourself, mind, body and soul.

You don’t get to abdicate all responsibility because being the best version of yourself is down to you. I can help you, guide you and show you how but you have to do it yourself. Just as I do.

If you’re ready to change and you accept its not going simply mean that you lie back in a recliner while I talk to you for an hour or two and job done, then check out Change for Life and get in touch to book a FREE call and see if working with me is right for you.

You never know, this could bring you everything you always wanted.



Cynthia xx

Sign up for the ‘Change for Life’ programme. All I’ve learned and the new things I’m learning are in this programme, and in it you are guided to the resolution of your false beliefs whether root, stealth or survival. Replace them with beliefs that support you in living your best life, being the best version of yourself. You know that you is inside of you. Don’t let fear crowd it out.




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