Start crafting your new mindset to live the life you want.

There’s a process that helps guide you forward in living life on your terms, living the best life for you, it enables you to cultivate A Rock Solid Abundance Mindset. A mindset that can’t be shaken, that keeps you inspired and motivated.

Actually, there are lots of ways to do this, I’ve written about it before myself and you can’t shake a stick on Facebook without some sage advice about how to gain your heart’s desires but today, this is what has inspired me, recently this is what has worked for me and I thought I’d share it with you.

I’ve broken it down into seven steps to take you from where you are now to where you want to be, being the person you always knew you could be, living your highest, most ideal self.

1. Live for today.
Or you might say Live in today. Its time to make peace with the past and let go of fears for the future. Think about how you are always in the present moment physically and gain awareness of how often and for how long you get hijacked mentally and emotionally into your past or possible future. Bring your thoughts and feelings back to the present moment every time you notice that happening, make that your main mindset and see that in this present moment, all your needs are met. The best way to create a bright future is to bring all your focus, love, enthusiasm and energy to doing your best TODAY.

2. Be of service, now
There are always an infinite number of ways for you to help someone else and you might only see one or two. Do them. Reach out to the people around you, whether strangers or those you know and care about and do it, whatever it is. Don’t wait to be asked, there are not many of us who invite help from others and yet we all love it when someone shows up to stand beside us. Start impacting other people. Find someone, anyone, to help now. Think of this, life supports what supports life. ‘When you develop this mentality of nurturing the people and things around you, you are much like the farmer, who feeds his chickens, and waters and fertilizes his crop. You are taking care of the things around you that give you life.’

3. Open up and receive.
Many times we don’t get what we desire because we are sending the Universe mixed signals. Part of us is saying, “come here” and another part is saying “go away”. I am aware of doing this far too often. I invite the same thing in that I am pushing away, whether it be a bigger, more successful business or a partner in life. I want it but I’m wary of it, so my true intention is not clear. Remove any blocks you have to receive and let in all that love that you so freely give to others. You’re worth it. Me too.

4. Turn statements of limits into questions of possibility.
Instead of complaining and repeating over and over your complaints like; “I can’t start my business”, “I’ll never find love” or “lose the weight” or “I don’t have enough time/money/whatever”. Turn those statements into HOW QUESTIONS. How can I start my business, now? What is the most effective way to find love? How can I create enough time/money/etc? When you change the question you’re asking of yourself, you change the answer. When you change the answer, you change your life.

5. Take daily CIA.
No, you’re not in the CIA, you are doing CIA. That is, you are taking Courageous. Imperfect. Action. Do something that scares you every day. Do it and keep doing it, making all the mistakes you can, to learn from them and grow better. And make this philosophy action orientated. Don’t just think about it, do it. Do your Big, Scary, Mistake laden Action steps. We are naturally inclined to learning and growing, it makes us feel good and when we learn, we share and we learn more by sharing and that creates such a positive upward spiral for us and those around us.

6. Burn The Boats!
Commit to it. Tell someone what you are doing and ask them to hold you accountable with time limits and targets. Make a decision you can’t come back from. Part of the reason you are procrastinating is because you haven’t made a real decision. Why haven’t your circumstances changed? Truth: because a part of you likes things how they are… a part of you is comfortable with the status quo. I call it being comfortably uncomfortable. Its a situation you know and can put up with so you do. Crush the status quo by making a decision you can’t back away from. Burn the boats baby!

7. Know that you are always guided
This is a recipe to shake things up and give you more life in your life. Change can be scary and you will need reassurance and guidance. Tune into your Higher Power for that reassurance. Know that you are guided and ask for direction when you feel lost or overwhelmed. Tell yourself that everything is happening FOR you and not TO you. Ask, “What’s the next right thing for me to do?” then get still and listen. Then turn that answer into action. If you want to assess how much faith you really have, consider the action you’re taking, not the words you’re saying, not the plans you’re making that you don’t follow through on. Its what you do that matters.

And while its not a step in the process, I would add remind yourself of your goals, the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. We humans don’t like discomfort and so need to be motivated to keep going and not give up or tune back. I have a daily habit of reading my wheel of life commitments and the life they are leading me to in 2021 and that keeps me on track, focused and inspired to keep taking steps forward to get me where I want to go.

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