Thought Whispering – how to build your life by taking control of your thinking

Do you ever get carried away by stress and anxiety?

Yeah, me too.

Have you gotten lost in thoughts of catastrophe, the worst of what could possibly happen?

Yeah, me too.

Have you ever been caught in a spiral of anxious thoughts, as ever more horrible potential scenarios come into your mind and you feel unable to break free of it, unable to think clearly and rationally?

Yeah, me too on that as well!

Have you tortured yourself with all the what ifs, the maybes, the what might happens losing minutes and hours every day to worrying? Having your life consumed by this to the detriment of everything else?

Yes, I’ve experienced that too.

Its horrible, a dreadful way to live. Giving away the gift of the present moment to future disasters that may never even get close to happening.

What if you could learn how to think in a way that benefits you?

Imagine being able to think in such a way that every day, you wake up and feel good about yourself and what’s happening in your life?

Picture yourself waking up, sitting up in bed and thinking of the day that awaits you and seeing opportunities for you to grow, to improve your health, your relationships, your work, your finances.

Imagine knowing with a deep certainty that life is working out perfectly for you no matter what.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? To be able to control the direction of your thoughts and the feelings the generate in your body. To generate positive energy and create a vortex of goodwill and positivity and contentedness.

Imagine wresting back control and instead of just allowing thoughts to pop into your mind and take all your attention, you think about what you want to think about, and get on with building a great life.

I was stuck for years and sometimes when I forget my daily practice, I can still get stuck in a thought I don’t want.

Then, when I remember the tools I’ve got, I’m able to turn my thoughts around, clear my body and mind of stress. I am able to think with all of my creative power of my unlimited mind and pull in all the resources from my years of learning and experience and make life better.

Life is hard, its full of disappointment and brokenness and regret and grief and pain and all those things. But its also beautiful and magical and full of love, kindness, joy and opportunity for more of all of it.

You see what you expect to see. You get more of what you’re thinking about. Life is all things, hard and cruel, strange, kind and beautiful.

You have control over what you choose to see and experience. You have control of your thoughts. You can choose to keep that control and use it or give control away to someone, something else.

It might the news anchor, the advertisers, the government, the media, your family, friends, the man in the park you met who told you the sky was falling in!

There’s so much fear mongering, anger inducing, stress creating, anxiety building news out in the world. There always was and always will be, it seems to be increasing exponentially in our hyper connected digital world.

Other people’s opinions are given as facts. Plane crashes, train and car smashes, industries failing, the environment collapsing, global pandemics. Culprits are found and convicted in the court of media opinion long before any investigation is held. There’s no patience to wait for facts, simply a rush to blame and condemn and foment more fear and anger and grief.

You’re probably thinking there’s no way you can truly stay calm, to create peace and tranquility and space for yourself to think clear, better thoughts.

There’s no way you can create something useful, beautiful, even both of those things in the midst of such chaos and uncertainty.

You can. You are able to get past the current screaming headlines, the government, its opposition, and the replication of the tribal screaming and shouting from the highest offices in the land down to your neighbourhood, your street, even in your family. You can tune it all out.

Its a process, and one you have to practice but it works and it makes life infinitely more satisfying.

Thought Whispering. Turn your internal dialogue up FULL. Make it loud, you have to get still and quiet to hear it and the more you tune in, the easier it gets to hear it.

Drown out the critical voice, that’s not even you, its an internal representative of all the stuff shouting outside.

Your internal voice, the one that guides you to a fuller, deeper, more satisfying life is quiet, not a constant chatter of trash. Its more a single word sometimes, a quiet whisper… ‘Here’, ‘This.’ And you know it, you recognise its truth and power because whatever it directs you to lifts you up, makes you feel lighter, reconnected to your heart and spirit.

Learn to hear your inner voice. Build the life you want to live. Feel happier in your skin and in yourself, be the person you always knew you could be, that amazing you you keep buried because you’re scared to show yourself to the world.

Its time, the world needs you. You need to be you.

How? Focus on the best things in your life. Think only of that and welcome everything that happens as a gift and look for the good. Its always there. Open your mind and heart to it. Meet life with open arms and open heart.

And if you want to learn more, subscribe to Thought Whispering. A small monthly investment sees articles like this delivered daily to your email inbox, audio training and more bonuses added as I think of them.

Direct your thinking, its the only way to have the life you want. Change your inside world and your external world changes.


Cynthia xx

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