You are a gift to the world, what are you giving us today?

As we human beings scurry away to hide from the scenes of our crime, not just the unleashing of coronavirus but the causes of it: loss of biodiversity, extinction of species across all forms of life, plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians, and whatever else I cannot name. The planet is making it clear that it will exist and survive and thrive long after we have left the building. Its showing us that very clearly.

And this really makes me question the mad rush these global billionaires have to venture into space. What is it with these grown men (men!) who think the very best possible use of their vast wealth and the resources they can bring to bear is to fund space travel, trips to Mars, rather than righting the inequality and destruction we have wreaked on this planet home of ours.

Its time like this that I think we need a revolution – a global uprising – where all the ordinary, the impoverished, the downtrodden all rise up and demand equality and demand to be treated fairly and for our home to be treated with respect.

Not everyone wants to be a boss, not everyone wants the responsibility of creating and building a business, but most would be happier in their work if they didn’t feel exploited and trapped by a system that’s rigged to keep the poor down as the rich get richer.

Maybe we need a New World Order, but one of our making. A New World Order that creates a system that rewards everyone. A system that eradicates slavery, poverty, injustice in all forms all across the globe. A fair system of wealth distribution and rewards earned through work, ingenuity, creativity, a system where altruism, kindness, parity of esteem and consideration are built into every decision made, every policy written.

After all, the poorest peoples of the world contribute to the wealth of the richest, and get rewarded disproportionally for their input. Turn about’s fair play. And the wealthy would still have more than they could ever spend in a lifetime.

There’s so much beauty in the world, combined with man’s ingenuity in adapting to survive the harshest of natural environments, man-made structures that are glorious in architecture, art, music and infrastructure that connects us all, has the ability to serve us all.

Surely in sharing the best of what we have with those who have the least , we can only improve conditions for humankind around the world?

And by treading softly, by respecting nature, by accepting our survival depends on the width of biodiversity and environments that exist in the world and stopping our destruction of it all, we can not only limit damage done to the earth, we could actually remove, repair the damage already done.

I remember listening to a Dr Bruce Lipton interview a few years ago and he was talking about how we had evolved into human beings (sorry creationists!, I’m a science nerd), he spoke about how individual cells co-operated and integrated and collaborated to become this one singular organism.

And he posited that the next evolution in mankind would be when we grow to recognise every individual human being on the planet as part of the whole organism of humanity, that we all co-exist in co-operation and collaboration. Each and every one of us as a valuable part of the entirety.

He also suggested that such a major change in thinking could not come about without a revolution, as the old structures that have kept us separate from each other for centuries have to be torn down and pulled apart.

We’ve seen the conservative right tighten its hold across the western world, old white men attempting to stem the tide of change, to hold to the old power structures that gave them ascendancy.

I truly believe we are changing, we are evolving. Especially in the Millennial generation and those younger ones growing up now, who are far less divided by colour, nationality, gender, or class. They have been born in a time that recognises the oneness of us all, the sameness and connectedness.

We, the older generations, still grasp at separateness, at the belief than some of us are better than others and lesser than others based on outside constructs and artificial values. We still compartmentalise our lives and the people in it. One space for family members, another for friends, another for work colleagues, social media contacts, passing acquaintances etc.

The Millennial generation tends not to separate and categorise people like that. They value everyone the same, treat everyone equally. A friend on Istagram is as important as a neighbour. We roll our eyes at this and say its not real, how could such a person mean so much when they haven’t even met. That’s our belief, not theirs, our values that they have rejected. It may not be true for us, but for them, it absolutely is.

I visualise it as a beautiful flowing rainbow river of colours rushing around the world, connecting us all in a joyous birthing of a new consciousness. A connection we have to all, to the earth, to animals, to humans.

When you think like that, the old separateness of nationalism, gender, class, skin colour doesn’t make sense at all.

We are all one. We are all equal.

We don’t need rockets to Mars, or space holidays. We need every one of us safe, protected, loved. For all of us to have shelter, food, water, clothing and for each of us to have our contribution valued, no matter what the offering.

I need what you need. Love, connection, laughter, joy, to create, to do work this is of value, to serve.

Think differently. Instead of thinking about what you can get, think ‘what can I do that is of value? what can I offer?’

And when your offering, no matter what it is, when it comes from the heart, its always enough.


Cynthia xx


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