Today is your day. Its up to you to make the best of it, no matter what else is going on.

This is my day. I shall make the best of it no matter what. Whether I am inside my house or not, its up to me to do my best, to give of my best, to serve to the best of my ability.

Its up to me not to get sucked into the chaos, fear and drama, to be wholly enveloped in the horror of what is unfolding across the world, to get caught up into the news that I cannot affect, other than by staying at home, out of the way.

The truth is the best way I can help is first by staying at home and by carrying on doing my work, making my contribution no matter how small or trivial it might feel right now, to foster a sense of normalcy and the ability to stay sane and carry on.

And the truth is , no contribution is too small or trivial right now.

We all need each other more than we ever did, more than we ever realised.

If you have a gift to make people laugh, then now’s the time to share it. Make a video, put it on YouTube or TikTok or wherever you go on social media. Show people your talents, sing, dance, paint, play games, real aloud, read your own work, poetry, fiction, art, recite from classic works you’ve always loved. Be goofy, be serious, be you, all of you. Allow yourself to be seen, be vulnerable, shed the skin of social conformity we all forced ourselves into during pre-Corona times when we all wanted to fit in somewhere.

The only way to truly feel like you belong is by being yourself and being accepted for that. Everything else is false.

And hopefully, all those false identities that kept us separate from each other and from the realisation we are all going through the same experience on earth are being dissolved in this strange new world.

We all need each other and we need YOU to step up and be you, all of you. Now really is the time for this. Let us all encourage each other to step into the light of our truth and shine and as Caroline Flack would exhort us all, to be kind to ourselves and everyone we connect with.

This is a time for connection, yes, now more than ever. Because even though we are all isolating separately we don’t have to be alone.

Pull out your phone, its probably never too far from your hand. Go through all your contacts now and see all the people you barely know, yet for some reason you have their number in your phone. Maybe this is the reason, now is the time to give them a call, to check in and make sure they’re okay, chat, connect. You’ll make at least two people feel better.

And then you can scan through your contacts list again and find the names that give you that squirmy, uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. The names that represent relationships, whether friends, family, intimate or with strangers, that went wrong somehow, that ended badly. Give those people a call too.

After all, you cared once and in all likelihood, you still care even a little now.

Go out for your hour’s exercise every day and make eye contact with the people you meet, smile, say hello, give a little finger wave. Show your humanity and receive it back like an invisible hug in return.

Fill your heart up with love for yourself and then share it with the world. Share your work, ask for help if you need it, offer help where you can.

Simply because we’re isolated behind the walls of our homes doesn’t mean we have to stay in a bubble, drifting alone, all of us separate together.

Finally social media comes into its own. Use it to promote ordinary people doing their best to keep themselves and others amused, entertained, and inspired. Like and share content from those bravely stepping up to share their stories, their talents, to share themselves in a way they might never have done before.

I’m reminded of a video of an American doctor that I shared a couple of days ago. He was giving great practical advice about how to do a grocery shop safely, how to treat the groceries you brought into your home to keep them and your home contaminant free. (he certainly made me feel better when I finally did a shop after a week of hiding at home) He was out of his comfort zone and was clearly nervous, but he did what he felt he needed to do to help. And right at the start, he asked people to be kind! As if that should even need to be said. (Unfortunately, reading down through the comments, it does still need to be said)

Every single one of us is the same, full of fear and hope, needing reassurance and wanting to be impervious to doubt, wanting love and afraid of being rejected.

Its easy to sit in judgement and mock someone’s effort.

May I ask you to not be that person. Imagine what a horrible, critical inner world such a person lives in, I don’t wish that pain on anyone.

Instead, I ask that you step up into your best self, lift people up by being the person you know you are at your heart and soul level, allow yourself to forget to be held back by fear.

We all need to see the best of each other. We always did.

And maybe now, after all this is over we will finally put the proper value on love, kindness, decency, truth and joy.

Stay safe, Be well.



PS. To stay in the best possible mental and emotional state, start your day off right. Don’t go jumping into the news first thing, stay off Facebook and social media. Fill yourself up with inspirational content before you dip your toe into that murky pool.

Check out what I made for you. It will help you start your day right. Magnificent Morning, Magnificent You.

This hypnotic meditation track is the perfect way to start your day with some self love, self care and spiritual truth and healing.
This track is actually ideal anytime you’re feeling a bit wobbly, it will remind you of who you really are, a totally magnificent being. (Yes, YOU. Yes, you are!)


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