We are all the same, even though we’re all different

As I sat writing my journal this morning, I looked out the window at all the different birds coming to the variety of feeders that I’ve put out. Different foods to cater for differing needs and tastes.

And I think that like us, no two birds are the same. (Well, I don’t know that for sure, I’m not a scientist in that field but I believe it to be so) Some of the birds love one type of seed over another, others love the peanuts, others the suet balls. And there are still others who don’t go to the feeding station at all and instead hop about the garden looking for bugs and worms.

Its the same for cats and dogs and every animal really. Lets focus on dogs for now. When you get to know an animal, you become aware of its individuality, its likes and dislikes.

Like many dogs, my lovely Amelia doesn’t like cats. And like many spaniels and hunting dogs she loves chasing birds and rabbits and rodents and especially squirrels. Like many of her breed, she’s a Springer Spaniel, Amelia is bouncy, full of energy, loves to run and is incredibly loyal.

However, she’s also incredibly timid, she barks a lot to scare away dogs she feels wary of. She also is fiercely protective, running to the front to bark and growl at any kind of threat. This behaviour actually contradicts her natural inclination to play with and befriend everyone she meets, coming, I believe from the trauma of the car accident we were all involved in.

She is the most loving little thing and snuggles up under my arm when we’re sitting together on the sofa. Surprisingly though, she is quite independent and like to sit by herself and she won’t follow me around the house as Reilly used to.

Clearly I know my dog well and I am aware of the traits that are fairly typical for her species and even for her breed, yet there is a core that is unique to Amelia.

I believe that every being on the earth has their own individuality, even within breed and species characteristics. Just as we all are an unique expression of humanity, regardless of our tribe and cultural identities, and our family traits.

French people are all French but they are not all the same. Equally everyone from Liverpool could all be Liverpudlians and not one of them will be exactly the same as another.

Think of your family, you all grew up in the same house with the same parents, same culture, same experiences or very similar and yet no-one in your family will look, act, think be exactly like you.

What does that expression of individuality mean? what is the purpose for each of us to be different, no matter how slight that difference and yet to be also all the same?

to me, its all energy expressed in human form. Oneness – what a mind blowing concept.

We are all one, all separate expressions of the same thing; energy, source, the divine, the matter and substance of the Universe in everything around us, in all of us, is all of us.

And we are all here experiencing life differently, similar to be sure but each of us has our own unique filter of thoughts, feelings, past, present and future.

How is this knowledge of use to us?

Firstly, for me, it makes clear that we are all connected. There is no doubting that. We are one and the same. All of us together, maybe unaware of the connection consciously but there’s no doubt we all feel it. Especially those who do their best to suppress it.

Its why I always do my best to practice loving kindness. To myself, to those I love, to strangers.

And yet, I can still get angry. I get really annoyed when I see people being greedy, rude, indulging in inhumane actions to their fellow human beings and animals.

And that anger is powerless when I direct it outward, as I cannot affect anyone else.

Then I direct the anger inwards, where it does have power, to either be channeled into actions that help or do to harm. My anger harms me and me alone. And when I act from anger, I can harm my relationships with others too. All self damaging, all destructive.

Anger is a powerful emotion that can be used to power change in ourselves, but when turned on without thought or focus, its power rages through our body and our mind ravaging our sense of self.

I am focusing my attention on resolving my anger issues. I hadn’t realised I was holding on to so much anger. Something I often find true with my clients. Most of them aren’t aware of how angry they are. And I had a real blind spot about seeing it in myself.

The Universal Oneness reminds me that the person I’m angry with is myself.

When I see other people’s actions that hurt or injure the innocent or unwary, I get so mad. Why? Because I feel powerless to change things, and I hate feeling powerless. Its a horrible feeling to have and I felt it way too much as a child.

I get mad because I hate to see injustice, unfairness, inequality, again things I experienced as a powerless child.

And we live in a world created by us, a world that rewards greed, and whose systems perpetuate injustice, unfairness and inequality. We exist in a mass trance state of acceptance and tolerance of bullying and brutality, lies and deceit.

Think about it, right now people are being vilified for hoarding toilet rolls and yet the hoarding of resources and dollars to the billions is celebrated. That is where the illusion of separateness is strongest, where every man is out for himself because his existence is finite and isolated.

What do I need to do in the face of such delusion? I remember that I am connected to everything. I am myself and I am everything and to change everything I need only change myself.

I know – that sounds silly, grandiose even in writing it down and yet its the truth of my being. Just as it is the truth of your being.

You want to live in a different world? Change yourself.

You want more of something in your life? Change yourself

You want to be more than you currently are? Change yourself?

That is the power we all have within us. Waking up, coming out of the mass trance of ‘everyday’ life, switching off the programmes that tell us to work, eat, shop, sleep, repeat. That tell us that is all we are and all we have.

We are so much more than that, every single one of us. Together and apart, we are one.

I once had a truly transcendental experience. I was working with a colleague who wanted to see just how far he could push the state of hypnosis, he wanted to access, not just my subconscious mind, but my Highest Self. That part of us that is one with the Universe, that doesn’t notice the separateness of our existence here on Earth.

I have never felt anything like that before or since.  After a very long, very intense induction into trance state, I was taken to that amazing level and I wanted to share this with you today. At the level of oneness, everything is bliss, everything is freaking fantastic, joyous and amazing. No matter what you’re going through on earth, to your Higher Self, its like being on a roller coaster, full of thrills. There is no threat, no danger, no sense of depression or anxiety, its all good. No matter what it is, its all good.

At first, I found that to be incredibly frustrating. I’m dealing with real world stuff here, debt, ill health, fear, loneliness and it’s all good?

Later, having had time and learning to help me process it, I know that that’s just how it is for us at that level. Mike Dooley of Notes from the Universe fame agrees with me on that and suggests that we come to this level of being, experiencing being human and all the trials and tribulations we endure simply for the adventure of it all.

My experience of my Higher Self certainly changed my thoughts about death and living. And I always tend now to think that no matter what is happening, its all for my good and everything is unfolding perfectly, the perfect adventure.

And we’re all going through this together, some with more awareness than others. The change within creates the change you want to see in the outside world.

You have been given today, you have been given an opportunity to either make a change or keep going the way you’re going. What are you going to do?


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