Tracking your personal development through your worst nightmare

I haven’t talked about this much recently because it hasn’t really come up but I have a fear of water and of sharks, I mean, a full on, not even dipping my toe in the water at the beach fear.

And I never really knew where it came from, it was always there. My Mum had a fear of water and I just assumed I’d inherited it from her.

Once night, years and years ago, I was listening to a Dolores Cannon hypnotic audio for past life regression and I had a full on immersive experience as one of the men who’d been lost when the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed. I was in the water and I was eaten by a shark!

Now I’m not saying I definitely was one of those men in a past life. Who knows?

And I can tell you with absolute honesty, when I first watched Jaws; Robert Shaw’s monologue as Quint was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever watched. Whether it just sank into my subconscious as a metaphor for the threats of my life or really was a past life experience, I cannot say for sure.

And then I did a past life regression training course and of course, I thought the shark death would come up but no, numerous other ‘lives’ were revealed, journeys into my superconscious that I would now call Dreamscapes but no sharks.

And then I decided to have a one to one session with Mary K, my PLR trainer and considered by some to be the best in this niche of hypnosis in Ireland. And wow!

Immediately dropped into being in the water, being eaten!

I started climbing the chair in her office as though I was scrambling to escape real sharks around me.

The power of our imagination is phenomenal.

And to be honest, I got very little healing from that experience.

But, a few months later, after learning how to Dreamscape in the Sanomentology (another type of hypnosis) course I’d recently completed in November 2018, I had a different journey in my mind. I was still in the ocean, surrounded by sharks but I was on a small raft and not being eaten. Good result!

And while I was scared, I was able to fashion a sail and get myself out of their vicinity. You can read more about it at this old Facebook post.

So what happened next?

Well, nothing, until yesterday.

I’ve not thought about sharks or dreamed of them that I can recall.

But yesterday, my friend and colleague, Annette Anymer, gave me a fabulous clearing and healing session, topped off with a dreamscape and lo and behold, the ocean featured.

The scene started with me on a beach and a small rowing boat showed up and I stepped in and it immediately moved to drifting in the middle of the ocean, circled by these massive sharks. At least three of them, all Jaws size, massive beasts and I’m in a tiny little rowboat.

But then, steaming up alongside came a great big naval gunboat and it sent a power launch over to collect me and bring me on board for tea with the captain. And the gunship took me back to the beach and I was safely deposited on the sand where Amelia was waiting.

Yes, my little dog even shows up in my inner journeys.

But wow, what a transformation for my subconscious where this dream is concerned, no longer in the water being pulled apart, or hoping for survival on a rickety raft just above their heads. I’m rescued by a massive frigging naval gunship that could destroy those monsters in a heartbeat.

For me, that demonstrates how I’ve gone from a fear based mindset where I saw threats everywhere, all around me, to one where I am always taken care of no matter what. It all works out perfectly for me.

Mindset work works!

You can change how you think and when you change your thinking, you change your life.

And depending on how easily you give in to resistance (me back then -very easily) or stay on course (me now), those changes happen faster.

Resistance is going to come up. Always. Better just to get resigned to it and say something, ‘Oh, here you are again.’

You’re going to have days when you don’t want to do better, be better.

You’re going to experience moments when you just think, ‘Fuck it, I’m just going to do…’ Whatever it is you’ve given up doing for the sake of a better life.

And you have to suck it up and say no.

I would rather be this person than that one. The person who keep promises made to herself.

The person who decides on a goal and keeps working towards it, no matter what.

The person who makes a decision based on maybe years of experience that show what I was doing wasn’t working, being self indulgent, eating the wrong thing or not meditating or not reading or not learning.

As one of my friends would say, ‘You grow or you die.’

Choosing to be the best version of yourself is a perpetual growth activity. You are never ‘done.’

And if that sounds like hard work?

Well, sometimes it is, and sometimes it flows and is so easy.

And it’s always better than staying stuck.

Check in with your dreams and nightmares. Have they moved from the ones you used to run? Because if your dreams change, it means you’ve changed.

Choose to make it for the better.


Cynthia xx

PS. Below you’ll learn more about how I can support you in your healing journey.

Think what would life be like if your thought processes were upgraded so you became unstoppable. What would life be like if you were able to step up and show up as that best ever version of you that you know you’re capable of?

Picture yourself thriving in life, developing an instinct for making the right choices, knowing in your gut you’re always choosing the correct thing for you.

Imagine any addictions, old anxiety and fear melting away, no longer influencing your thinking, your behaviour, your decisions. You are free to make better choices.

Think how it would feel achieving your goals with far less resistance,  whether it’s earning an extraordinary income, being a rockstar in your business or career, or excelling in your personal relationships. You can do it, you have no fears about any of it anymore.

See yourself fully present and grounded, living with total fulfillment and satisfaction with how life is unfolding for you, with zero regrets, as you fearlessly carve your own path forward.

Want this now? Check out this page and get in touch to get started on living your ideal life today. Or simply take the product tour to find out more.







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