We all want to be happy but…

do we know what makes us feel happy?

We all want to be happier, more satisfied with the lives we’re living, but  we’re all different so surely the same thing isn’t going to make us all happy?

Big house, fancy car, more money?

Is that it?

I don’t think so because look at how miserable many incredibly wealthy people are.

Of course its nicer to be miserable in comfort without the added woes of financial worry and the terror that poverty adds to our lives. Its even better to be happy no matter your surroundings.

But assuming you’re not in immediate danger of losing your home and livelihood, what does being happy mean to you?

Do you know?

Because if you don’t know what makes you happy, how can you invite it into your life?

How do we make these lives of ours richer, fuller, happier?

A good place to start would be, rather than dreaming of a lottery win, or Prince Charming, or Princess Lovely riding up to sweep you off your feet to a new exotic life, to figure out what would make you happy right now!

Go all the way through your life, what made you happy when you were little, pre teen, teenager, young adult, older?

What gave you that happiness glow recently?

What made you happy last year? What made you happy in the last 5 years?

When exactly were you last happy?

What small thing happening now would have you feeling happiness in this moment?

For me, sometimes its a simple as seeing the squirrel in our back yard eating the grapes I put out for him.

Other times its the deep satisfaction of finishing creating a new program and launching it into the world, or new clients seeking me out and they want to sign me up to work with them.

Its watching Amelia play with her toys in the morning and dance lightly across the ground when we’re out walking.

Tasting a fabulous bowl of soup I’ve just made, and realising I’ve more money in my spending bank account than I thought.

Knowing what makes you happy means you can engineer your day to include those things.  So what can you plan in to make today happier, more satisfying, joyful?

I made a list of the things that make me happy to give you some inspiration

  • My beautiful, loving, funny dogs, Reilly and Amelia.
  • Having a walk in nature and really seeing the beauty around me
  • Having spontaneous conversations with people I meet in line at the shop, bank, coffee-house, wherever
  • Sharing my knowledge about self-care to overcome mental health issues online and on the radio
  • Having people react to what I say/write/do, and it helps when its positive!
  • Helping people live better lives through coaching and teaching and speaking
  • Inspiring people and sharing ways to live better
  • Being wrapped up warm and out for a brisk walk in the cold, dry, bright winter sunshine.
  • Flirting
  • Learning new things
  • Having a strong social network
  • Dancing
  • Meeting up with friends for a laugh (on Zoom)
  • Autumn leaves and the smell of fire smoke in the air
  • Giving gifts that people love
  • Making new friends and reconnecting with old friends
  • Greeting the doggie pals we meet on our walks every day
  • Being productive, even if its just washing the kitchen floor
  • Creating new programs and courses that help and entertain people
  • Having a nice home that is clean and clutter free
  • Singing badly to loud old school rock’n’roll as I clean on a Saturday morning
  • Long hot showers
  • Head rubs and massages and facials and manicures and pedicures
  • Pink (I’m talking about the colour but I also like the singer)
  • Laughing out loud
  • Cake, chocolate, lemon meringue
  • Being appreciated
  • Liking myself and what I’ve just said and done – nothing worse than cringing because you’ve just said something that hurts another person
  • Appreciating my life

Make a ‘be happy’ list,  a list of all the things you could do in a day that would raise your sense of wellbeing, increase your general satisfaction in life and lift up your all round level of happiness.

It doesn’t have to cost you anything, and when you do something from it, you’re going to  feel great at the end of the day.

Make this one of your daily practices; to do at least one thing on your ‘Be Happy’ list.

Nothing is more important than how you feel and contrary to popular wisdom, its not outside stuff that makes you happy, its an inside job.

I’ve got my list. What will be on yours?


Cynthia xx

PS. Please like, comment and share below is this message connected with you. I love to hear how my work lands with people. And also, stop messing around! If you’re reading this, you need me. Email or message me to see how best we can work together to give you what you need. It might be a list of free resources I offer, it might be a program or course that’s not too expensive or you might want to jump right in and fully commit to yourself with a personal 1:1 hypnotherapycoaching program. Whatever you need, I’ll work with you to guide you to gaining it all. That’s a promise xx


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