What’s the most precious commodity in the world?

Others might say ‘Love’

Right now, I say ‘Energy’

I think the thing that is most precious to us is often the one we’ve been most without. That’s why energy is so very precious to me.

For the past six years I’ve struggled with low energy combined with recurring pain caused by injuries from a car accident.

Thankfully, I’ve mostly recovered from the injuries but the low energy can still be an issue.

I remember reading an interview with Tony Robbins and he said (and I paraphrase) that having enough energy is the most important thing in his life.

You can have the best time management tools, you can even have all the time in the world as many of us do in 2020, and yet, if you don’t have energy then you do nothing and worse, nothing ever gets done.

I used to believe that energy was something you had or had not, like money. It either was there for you or not. I didn’t realise that energy, again like money, is self generated.

When you do more, you have more energy. The fittest people have more energy not because they’re fit, that’s a simply byproduct, they have so much energy because they’re doing more, using their bodies more.

When I am feeling low and lie around, my energy levels plummet. And sure if its caused by ill health, then I need to stop and rest. But once rested, its time to pick myself up and get on with something.

Doing something, taking some kind of action generates energy. the more we do, the more energy we generate.

And I don’t mean we have to run marathons or build walls, I’m saying do more of what is right for you.

For some of us that might mean picking up the clothes off the bedroom floor, having a shower, tidying the house.

For others, it might mean exercise of some form, cycling, walking, swimming (outdoors right now).

But is also means getting in touch with your inner energy, it means writing, journaling, meditating, visualising. You can generate energy by imagining yourself doing more.

Your brain reacts the same to mental images in the same way as it reacts to physical exertion. Imagine yourself feeling the exhilaration of movement, of speeding down a mountain on a snowboard, the wind blowing past the skin on your face, chilling even as you heat up from exertion and excitement.

You are an energy generator. We often forget that.

Energy is not an outside thing we hope shows up, we create it. With our thoughts and actions.

And how we use that energy is up to us too. I wrote in a journal a long time ago, ‘Its my choice how I spend my energy. I choose to spend my energy in ways that serve me.’

And below that I made a list of the ways I would spend the energy I have. Most of it isn’t relevant to my life now but some things are still useful to remind myself of:

    • Do my physio exercises, including the tough ones, every day.
    • Prepare and eat good, nourishing, heathful food. That also means avoiding processed food and sugar.
    • Read books that make me think and make me smarter.
    • Meditate every day and throw in some creative visualisation now and again.
    • Go inside to that place within where the Divine lives and be at peace. Communicate with that voice – I wrote that and then I realised, I don’t want to communicate with it, I just want to listen to it, for it is wise and I am not.
    • Go to bed early and get good sleep. 9pm most nights please.
    • Switch off the tv and internet. Stop filling my head with ugly images.
    • Be committed to being a better version of myself, even if only by 1% every day.
    • Show up! Show up every day as my best self.

I choose to spend my energy in ways that serve me.

I’m really proud of that sentence. But now I would add, ‘Generate the energy I need and spend it wisely on the things that serve me.’

Instead of saying ‘I’ve no energy,’ or ‘I’m really tired,’ instead after checking in and making sure you don’t physically need a rest or medical attention, say to yourself, ‘I need more energy, I’m going to do…………….and I want my body to generate all the necessary energy I need.’

Your brain/body connection is always listening and will rush to fulfill your request.

Learn to communication with your mind and your body. This is an most important life lesson. You are not at the mercy of the thoughts and feelings that arise from your subconscious mind and sweep through you every day. You can consciously choose to feel differently, to act differently simply by thinking differently.

Direct your thoughts to what you want.

Life will get better as you learn to do this more accurately, with more emotional intensity and for longer duration.

Think your way to a better life, with more energy than you ever thought you could contain in your body.

Just imagine it, see it in your mind and believe it to be so.

And it will become so.


Cynthia xx

PS. I’ve decided to do a webinar on overcoming Anxiety, Depression and feeling hopeless. A Brain User’s Manual to give you tips and tools and the knowledge I’ve learned in over twenty years in this field that can help you overcome your fears and challenges. Changing that way of thinking to one that works for you. If you’re interested, comment User Manual below and I’ll send you details once I’ve worked it all out ‘cos I’ve only just decided to do this!


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