What’s your life been like so far?

I know, 2020 has been pretty challenging for everyone, unless of course you’re a pal of the Conversative Government Cabinet because then you’ll probably have had a fairly cushy business offer to create a track and trace business or a PPE supply business or as a consultant on pretty much anything and made yourself a tidy profit while not delivering anything useful, because you are supremely underqualified for whatever you’ve won a contract to do.

For the rest of us 2020 has been largely a wash out. I really feel for my neice and nephews who are facing their first year in college and A level years with maximum disruption of their lives. They had their 18th birthdays and 16th without being able to have family and friends attend their parties.

And I know that’s nothing on a level with the trauma and grief and pain others have faced.

But leaving 2020 to one side, how is life so far for you?

I bet every other year is looking pretty good now. Perspective is an interesting thing.

Its like that boyfriend you didn’t want so you bin him and once someone else starts going out with him, you instantly find you’ve changed your mind and want him back.

Or you think your car is too small and you buy a new jeep and it constantly lets you down with mechanical and electrical issues and all you want is your mini back again.

Perspective sometimes works against us because it makes us think we should stay where we are because it can be worse off over there. Stay still, don’t grow, don’t try for more. That would be a disaster.

I think sometimes that’s why our parents often suggested we make do with what we’ve got, don’t reach for the stars, because you won’t reach them and you’ll get hurt. Keep your expectation low.

My father always suggests I should stop what I’m doing and go get a regular wee job in a shop. I think he’s trying to keep me safe from disappointment, not realising that I view his statement as a lack of belief in my ability and ambition.

And so many people end up living lives where they use staying safe as the their guiding principle. They end up living the same day over and over and over again. Hiding from their dreams and desires, unable to break out from that thought paradigm that they shouldn’t try to be more.

Stop undervaluing your life. Stop allowing days and hours and minutes to go past without you deciding to be all you can be.

So it might be scary and it might not work out, and you might fall on your face, and you might get hurt.

But better that than living half alive. Shutdown creatively, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Don’t you want more than feeling numb?

Don’t you want to see what you could achieve?

Imagine if it all works out for the best no matter what, then what will you have been missing?


That’s what you’re missing.

You being all you can be.

Maybe even having your dreams come true.

Commit to life. Commit to yourself.

Here’s how:

  • Develop a clear idea of what you want.
  • Clear  the emotional ties and old meanings attached to past events
  • Acknowledge your wounds and do whatever it takes to heal from the hurt inflicted upon you.
  • Keep the image of what you want in the front of your mind and think of it every day.
  • Always go within and clear your path before taking outward action.
  • Keep moving forward. no matter how small the steps.
  • Be aware of how your feeling, always feel your feelings.

We all want to live a meaningful life, a life that is worth living, to feel good about ourselves and what we’re doing with our lives, to leave a legacy that pleases us and our Higher Power.

We all want to feel at peace with ourselves and everything in our world.

And everyone will have a different thing that gives their life meaning and its not necessarily how much money you make 😉

Find the resources you have within, the courage you need to seek help.

It can be done, because others have healed and gone on to live amazing lives. So can you.

Because you are loved and I believe in you.

Oh, and just in case you’re completely stressed from 2020, whether it be Covid or politics or everything, here’s something you can do that will help. I got this from BJ Hogg who wrote one of my favourite books that I’ve read this year – Tiny Habits.

To help you feel calmer and more secure,use this tiny technique that’s simple, fast, and effective. The essence --> You slow down your physical movements.

This approach has helped me (BJ Hogg) manage stress over the years, even before all this craziness. And today I want to share this with you.

You can design this habit into your life with any of the Tiny Habit recipes below:

  • “After I realize I’m rushing, I will slow down 20%.”
  • “After I feel anxious, I will slow my movements until I feel calmer.”
  • “After I recognize tension inside myself, I will deliberately move more slowly.”

Pick the recipe you like most. Or perhaps do all three. Or maybe mix and match. The choice is yours.


Cynthia xx

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