Create the world you want to live in, play with life as only you can

How? I hear you ask as you gnash your teeth and pull your hair out and shake your fists at me for daring to tell you it can all be so different. HOW?

Why worry about the how?

I mean, plans never work out the way we thought they would. Nothing ever does work out exactly as you planned and yet somehow everything does always work out.

So what would have to happen for you to live the life of your dreams?

What is the big thing that lights up your heart and soul and makes you feel truly alive?

What do you truly deeply desire for yourself, to experience in this life?

What do you want to have, to do, to be?

What does that represent to you? Dig deep and deeper still, what does it mean for you, how will it make you feel?

What are you doing right now?

Are you settling?

Are you negotiating based on what you think is realistic?

FUCK that! What do you truly desire? If the sky was the limit and the laws of pysics didn’t apply?

What’s stopping you from having it?

Your own resistance!

We all feel resistance and it can come in many forms: energetic, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual.

All the old beliefs, the old stories we create and repeat about who we are, what we deserve, how the world really works.

Its all nonsense – just a thought in your head. And you can turn it upside down and inside out.

Write down these words – All that I desire is…and write it all out, all the things, all the feelings, all the everything.

Now as you’re writing you might have thoughts and feelings come up like, ‘Nope, not for me’ or ‘Who are you kidding?’ or’Who do you think you are?’ and all the other old tropes we repeat on a loop in our minds.

Write all of them out on a separate page. All of it, every last word, every last speck of negativity and blowback that’s inside of you, get it all out and down on the page. And now interrogate it, is it true?

Deconstruct the negatives and then ask – what is the opposite of this that feels good to me and write that down on another page.

And now practice what’s called neuroplasticity which can also be called self-hypnosis and is really just brain training. Repeatedly write out your ideal life and all the new beliefs and positives you’ll think and feel every day when it comes into physical reality.

Yes, every day.

Write out your ideal life and your turnaround statements.

Allow yourself to work through your resistance and commit to doing it on every level.

Feed your energetic core with positive thoughts and you change how you think, feel, believe. You change everything.

We attract what we believe we are available for, whether its love, success, money, peace, kindness. What are you available for? What are you allowing in to your life?

Writing your ideal life and positive turnaround statements and imbuing them with positive energy and feeling will change your perception filters, you’ll start to see a very different world around you, you’ll starting showing up differently in that world too.

Its time to get really clear on the stories we’re telling ourselves.

Work on your core beliefs and reprogram your mind.

And work on your energy body. Where is energy stuck in your energy body?

Start at your root chakra, which is near your lower back. Ask what am I angry about? What am I holding onto bitterness about? What am I resentful about? What do I have victim energy around? What am I holding onto around money, life, people who have hurt me, injured me, caused me trauma?

The next step is have a conversation with your ego. Allow it to tell you all the reasons you can’t have your ideal life, that you can’t do, have, be what you want to have, do and be.

Write a letter from your ego to you, give it time to share its fears, listen to the stories it will tell you of the past, of its doubts about the future.

When you actually listen to the ego, when you acknowledge its legitimate fears, based on its interpretations of what happened to you before, it releases its grip on you, you are able to choose differently, choose more, choose for yourself. Not based on fear but based in your desire.

When you don’t allow the fear to get stuck, when you pay attention and let the ego have its say, you release  so much of what was holding you back.

The third step is to allow yourself to feel how expansive, amazing, freeing, just how damn good it would be to have what you want.

Move that feeling up into your heart. Look at the pros and cons, the what ifs, maybe’s, maybe nots without attaching to any of it. Be neutral as you look at what you want and ask, ‘How would the world benefit when I benefit?’ See the service that comes to others when you are also in service to your own needs.

Honour your desires because they came from Source/God/ The Universe. Tap into that energy of bountiful abundance and wholeness.

The fourth step is to ask how you can speak your truth? What message or mission are you here to serve? What do you feel compelled to speak out about, what truth do you need to share?

Speak it out loud, even if only to yourself. Write it down and read it and keep it close to your heart. And when you’re ready, share it with others.

The fifth step is to emotionally shift your resistance. Instead of battling our emotions, judging them and finding ourselves at fault, honour them. Look at what doesn’t serve you anymore: the thoughts and feelings, the resistance that is holding you back, they come from a place within you that’s scared for some reason.

When you feel fearful or angry or sad, sit in the feeling, sit in the discomfort and allow it to be there in that moment with you, don’t deny or avoid it and ask what’s behind it, what stories are behind that feeling? What resistance sits behind it? What judgements? What is out of whack with what you’re telling yourself?

You’ll feel it, for me it can feel squirmy and jangly and sharp and yet slimy all at the same time. What does it feel like, where are you feeling it and what does it have to tell you?

From these answers, from these beautiful, painful emotions, you can learn what you have to reprogram and recondition yourself to believe to allow yourself to move forward.

Find a different way of looking at those old stories and events and the meaning you’ve attached to them. Allow yourself to gently pull apart your resistance and your old stories. Its not the truth, it was a view of what happened.

And if you allowed it to be easy, to be simple what would you choose the story to be now? What would you now choose to believe about yourself and the world? What is the next right action for you to take?

The final step is to shift your physical resistance. When we have resistance in the body, we’ll feel it. It can show up as pain or illness, stiffness, an inability to move freely. Where in your body do you feel resistance, feel into it, communicate with it, what is the message it has for you.

Pat attention and listen to your body. And then move in whatever way you can, to ease the blocks. Go for a walk, be in nature, stretch, exercise in whatever way your body is telling you. Again, honour the resistance and work through it.

Creating the world you want to live in means you first have to know what it looks like, what you want it to be and then you release whatever is holding you back from it.

Know what you want, move forward towards it as you dissolve your resistance to having it, doing it, being it.

And if you have difficulty with any of the steps or you simple want to go faster, that’s what I’m here for. That’s the world I’m creating, one where my day is filled with soul mate clients, people who love to do the work with me.

If that’s you, email or message me to find out more.

Allow yourself to be the you that you always knew you were born for.

Because its within you, everything you see inside of you that you want. Why not allow it to be for you now.


Cynthia xx

And if you want Autumn and Winter to be your favourite season, or if you simply want a load of fabulous mindset rewriting tools, neurotraining and self hypnosis tips to change everything for the better in life, then you won’t want to miss this.

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