When is it not okay to comment on what’s on the internet?

I said a few days ago that several news stories had caught my attention.

The first was about a gambling addict who was ‘introduced’ to Paddy Power by a couple who acted as ‘introducers.’ And who subsequently got paid a percentage of what the mark they introduced paid in deposits. What a horrible way to make a living.

What was worse was Ladbrokes then preyed on this man by giving him £20,000 in credit to encourage him to start betting, and he went on to lose almost £350,000 in 13 months. You can read about it here

If I were in charge, I’d definitely do this…

The second story is just as sinister and involves a whole new substrate of the pornography industry and it seems to be more accepted than ever in the past. In fact, I found this story on Mail-on-line, the Daily Mail’s online portal which is sometimes the worst site on the internet with its bitching and tearing people down.

And what is it? Its celebrities selling themselves on porn sites. Live streaming themselves naked and masturbating.

Is that wrong?

The puritanical part of me is fairly repulsed by it but thinking logically about it, isn’t it an extension of where reality tv has taken us, with the voyeuristic fly on the wall filming of people’s lives?

This particularly story about a young man made me think about why he would do this.

And then I realised that its none of my business. I choose not to engage with reality tv, I do my best not to read or indulge in gossip whether its reading about celebrities or bitching about a neighbour.

But this young man, I looked at his pictures and thought he simply looked like someone with low self esteem and a self destructive streak.

And as I read down through the story about his launch of himself as a porn star, I just wanted to hold him and comfort him and talk to him about the truth of who he is and what he’s worth.

And so I want to ask, ‘How can I help you more?’

Because I don’t want you selling yourself to fill some need in your psyche.

I don’t want you doing some self destructive sh!t just to try and make yourself feel better.

How can I help you more?

Seriously, tell me.

Ask me anything.

And if you want to read that story, here’s the link https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8830227/Aaron-Carter-shows-newly-dyed-pink-braids-getting-blond-hairdo.html

How can I help you more?

Please get in touch and let me know.

And as to the question in the title, when is it not okay to comment on stuff on the internet? I think it’s actally about only commenting supportive stuff, kind words and if you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing. Even online.


Cynthia xx

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