When you feel off, what do you do? Did you know you are in charge of that?

Do you know what I mean by ‘off’?

Off balance, off colour, off peak or maybe you’re brassed off, hacked off, cheesed off. Or maybe you feel better off, well off, and taking off?

Its funny how we can get dragged down by what we feel more often than we get lifted up. Not funny ha-ha, funny peculiar. Because its actually quite easy to make ourselves feel good, but we choose instead to feel bad.

While I was out walking with Amelia this morning we saw some gorgeous feats of nature; two geese and their six baby goslings swam by when we were on the canal, a little squirrel ran across my path swiftly followed by Amelia who couldn’t travel as fast under the bracken so the wee furry lived another day :), a wedding cake tree in full bloom. All filling me up with positive, fulfilling energy.

But when I got home, I was thinking about all I had to do, the client waiting to speak to me, the writing for my email list, my blog, the research on my new projects and I felt overwhelmed and wanted to just go and lie down.

I turned my thoughts, first to my RWID mantra and then I focused on all the marvelous sights of my morning walk and my energy went back up, my mood lifted and improved.

That’s all it takes, to make life better. We release the resistance and allow life to flow.

What if you could allow yourself to simply see life as play? Simply as play, nothing more serious as that. A time to explore, curious about everything. Will this be fun? Or not? Will I enjoy this experience of not?

Are you able to go with the flow of life and release resistance. Its not all or nothing, it’s experience, all of it. Some is contrast, it shows you what you don’t want. When you know what you don’t want, you can uncover what you do want. then its time to focus on what you want and enjoy the journey from here to there.

Life is simply a series of experiences, a cascade of what ifs, maybes, this or that. You choose what you want by experiencing what you don’t want.

When you view life like that, then the actual experience you’re in is simply feedback. One experience is as good as any other because its all learning, it all adds to your experience and your narrowing down of your focus, so you know exactly what you want and move towards it.

Maybe you have a kitchen that you hate, its old, dreary and hasn’t got the storage you want, but you can still make great food in the oven. Can you take pleasure in the small things, say a great apple pie and custard, even if its made in that not so great kitchen?

We can’t control the world we’re in, we can’t always walk away from the things, moments and people who hurt us but we can take joy in the things that make us happy.

And the more we focus on those things, the more we change our vibration, the more we move up the scale of positive emotions and that makes us feel good, and even better.

How do we see everything as an experience, an opportunity to learn and to play?

We choose it. Every day. To accept everything that happens as for our good, to look for the joy in small things and accept the pain and hurt of other things. Play.

We choose play, we fall over, we pick ourselves up and run out to meet life again, open arms, open heart, saying yes to everything that comes and seeing it as good.

I was listening to an old Abraham Hicks audio before writing and Esther/Abraham said it perfectly, you can choose to feel better or worse than where you are currently. Its your choice, always. Go with life or resist.

Its easier to go with flow. Keep catching yourself through the day. What emotional, feeling choices are you making throughout the day, better or worse? You can feel better, its up to only one person. You. You have to choose.

Life is good. Its playtime. Smile, laugh, when thoughts come up about how things aren’t working out, how you don’t know what you’re doing or how stuck you are. Switch what you’re thinking about.

Today, you’re making the choice to be different from all that was, you are choosing to think differently, you are choosing your own truth. You just need to show up as you.

Choose yourself.


Cynthia xx

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