When you feel pain, where do you think it comes from?

Ha, bet you said, where it hurt!

Right? You stub your toe, your toe hurts. You bang your thumb with a hammer, your thumb hurts.

You’re all going to hate me for this but I’ve got to tell you, it all comes from your brain.

Yes, when someone tells you that pain you keep complaining about is all in your head, well, they’re right!

That’s actually not what I’m writing today but you can read about how pain is recognised and signalled in your body from your brain here.

And that article also details how chronic pain can be helped, so read it here.

But more than that, did you know that when the body experiences physical pain it creates a small (depending on the trauma experienced) weakening in the fascia where the injury took place? The weakened area whether emotionally or physically. holds on to the emotion that was experienced at the time of the injury.    

That is what is most interesting to me as a hypnotherapist and as someone who suffered from a road traffic accident, having been knocked down by a car driver not looking where she was going.

You hold on, not only to the pain in the area where you were hurt, you also hold on to the emotions you were feeling. Hurt, fear, shock, anger. You may start to repress them because you want to get on with your life after your trauma, but unless you address those emotions, they are there to stay and that injury will make itself felt ever after until you address it.

For me, I felt shock for sure, and fear, I was lying in the middle of the road bleeding from the injury to my head, but worse than that I couldn’t see because my  glasses had been knocked off my face and worst of all, I had no idea where Reilly and Amelia were.

I lay in the middle of the road, unable to speak, I think that must have been the shock, I couldn’t feel anything in my body but all I was worried about was where my dogs, my babies were.

You will have had your own experience of trauma and I am so sorry that you suffered whatever it was and I’m sorry you’re probably still dealing with the aftermath.

Because this post isn’t about how we got injured, it’s about how those injuries linger and how modern medicine doesn’t seem to know and certainly doesn’t address this at all.

You know what does help you address those emotional issues? Hypnosis and in particular RPET. I use it with all my clients, I use it on myself all the time.

I dialogue with my subconscious, with my clients’ subconscious and ask it to release the story, release the negative emotions (unless there’s a medical reason for holding onto it) and heal. HEAL. RECOVER. RENEW.

We’re not talking about suppressing symptoms, we’re not diverting your attention from one pain to something else, we are truly talking about allowing you to release the emotional trauma which then releases the pain.

Pain’s in your brain. You need to talk to your mind to let it go and I am one of a select team of incredible therapists who are able to do this.

Heal. Recover. Renew.

I did and I want the same for you.


Cynthia xx

PS. Many people work extremely hard, getting on with the life that has happened to them. They set goals. They reach those goals. They get praise. They do well and yet sometimes, despite all this, they are still unhappy.

If that’s you, then you already know you can’t do anymore and achieving more probably won’t solve the problem anyway.

How do you get past your need to keep things as they are can, even though this is blocking your happiness?

How do you stop directing your mind to creating what you don’t want and instead focus on what you do want now?

How do you feel good about life without doing more?

Change for Life, my unique HypnoTherapyCoaching programme that changes how you think at a subconscious level, deleting old programmes that cause pain and unhappiness, switching on those soul deep programmes that promise you a life filled with love and meaning.

Get more information here https://cynthiacurry.uk/change-for-life/






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