A Life with No Limits Part 2

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It will work if you want it to, if you decide to think differently and instead of stopping when you do something new, when you step out onto that bigger stage in life, you keep going.

Even though its scary as fuck, you keep going.

Trust that you know what’s right for you. You have the dreams you have for a reason, your ambitions, your goals. they are yours to encourage you to bring them into being.

Find the strength of focus to go for it and never again collapse back into those old limiting patterns of behaviour.

Learn to trust your instincts; look into the mirror and tell the person you see reflected back to you ‘You’re going to be alright, you can do this, I don’t know how but you can and you will, it’s going to be okay.’

Instead of being afraid of making decisions that might have long term consequences, learn to lean into your intuition and know that whatever you choose is right for you, is the best form of action for you to take at this moment.

A Life with No Limits – what if you went all out to create your dream life?

The power to change resides within you. Think of it as a golden pool of light inside of you. All you have to do is access it, tap into it and direct its flow to where you want/need it to go.

Stop waiting for something to happen to make the decision for you. Things will stay feeling off, incomplete, wrong in some indefinable way until you step up to complete things, until you move forward and commit to change and seeing it through.

The true face of your new reality is yet to emerge. You can see glimpses maybe of what could be, but the whole picture reveals itself slowly as you open up your thinking to new possibilities.

One day you’ll wake up and it’s done, at least this part of it, because then there will be something else to get over and get done because there always is.

And you’ll be where you once thought you could never get to, that place you wanted to be. All you have to do to get there is keep going, do whatever comes next, follow your intuition, your instincts and refuse to listen to that voice that says ‘No, not for you.’

Think about it, say you step up and take action on that dream, what’s the worst thing that could happen? And say the worst thing does happen, what then?

What if the worst thing that ever happened to you could turn out to be the best thing that could’ve happened?

Because from that place of collapse, of humiliation, hurt and pain you realise you’ve been released from something that was holding you back. All the expectations of that relationship, job, situation were keeping you stuck, stopping you from reaching for that life without limits.

We often stay with things, jobs, people, situations because of our history with them, because of habit, because it had once been all we wanted and we hold on because letting go of it hurts. It’s all we know and we thought it was what we wanted once and it was. But things change and we change.

But after that catastrophic rending, as you step from the wreckage, either real or imagined as your worst case scenario, maybe you now find yourself free to rebuild differently, to be true to who you are now and your new needs and desires? Free of the obligations and compromises you made previously to fit into that life that had started to feel too tight, too confining?

What if the worst thing that could happen, and maybe did happen, could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you?

And you use it to decide what a life without limits looks like for you. After all, if the worst has happened, there’s nothing left to lose.

Either you show up to make it happen or you don’t.

Avoiding discomfort to build your life without limits is not an option. There will be hell to pay, but if you really, really want it, you’ll pay your dues. Because not doing it will hurt far, far more.

There is treasure to be found in the pain of awakening, feeling this is the cradle of creation and inspiration, its of immeasurable value.

Every challenge you face has something wonderful to teach you and when you learn it, you will never be trapped by those issues again.

Have the attitude that everything is unfolding perfectly for you, just as its meant to and its all good.

Instead of running from pain, from doing the things that scare you, turn and face them. Trust that you have what you need inside to overcome the fear and do the work you need to do to make your unlimited life come into reality.

Because you do. All you need to build your life without limits is inside of you. Release the brakes, set yourself free.

A life with no limits, let’s go for it.


Cynthia xx

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