Who’s making sure you get what you want from life?

How we think creates the life we live and positive attitudes can change lives. Just as we can get into a downward spiral of stress, tiredness, worry leading to depression, leading to ill health and poor decision making, which leads to worsened circumstances, so we can just as easily develop a upward spiral of self care, clean eating, good sleeping habits, believing in the good in what happens leading to healthier mind and body, feeling better, making better decisions and building great habits that support us, leading to feeling happier and seeing more opportunities for us to live the lives we want to live.

Some might say that sounds too easy. Think about how easy it is to fall off track, to dip in your outlook, why should it be harder to life yourself up and create a happier, healthier life? Its all in how you think.

And to develop and keep a positive attitude we need Self Management Skills. Because what’s going on in your mind is at least as important as what is physically happening around/to you. Your attitude to the things in your life, how you respond to the people and events that occur, that is very much in your control. You can decide how to react. Like any new skill, you simply have to want to put in the effort and discipline at the start and do it.

You can start by having a clear focus on healthy, happy living, not on what’s wrong in your life.

Spend your time in observation of yourself. When you are feeling low or blocked or in some way constrained or uncomfortable, ask yourself what it is? What is the limitation and how does it affect you? How is it affecting your family? Your work? Your social activities?

How effective and engaged are you in the process of self management?

You are the only person who knows what you’re living with and how it affects you 24 hours a day. Observing how it affects you and making notes on the effects so you can seek effective help is essential to being a good self manager.

Self management does not mean going through this alone.

Always get help, advice and support to help you; work with others to get the job done and get you on the road to full health and recovery.

We instinctively strive to be nourished with love, joy, happiness and inner peace.
If we don’t find it inside, we seek it outside of ourselves, and it can be twisted and morphed into unhealthy addictions to fill the gap we feel when we can’t find/access the inner nourishment we search for.

Living a great life that you love is a process of daily practice and incremental improvements, it might start so slowly that you notice no difference and then one day you’ll look around you and realise you are living your ideal life.

That’s worth a little effort in changing your thoughts, isn’t it?

And if you want a head start, find a good hypnotherapist. We can change your thinking at the subconscious level and take out months of effort.

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