Working with me, here’s what it will do for you…

I work with businesspeople who on the face of it, look like they have it made but who don’t ever feel satisfied with their achievements, who never have time for family, friends, doing soul satisfying work and having fun. Together we transform that driven, insecurity fueled achievement obsession into achieving their vision of business, relationships, family and life that nurtures, grounds and fuels the soul.

Are you ready to give up the daily grind of having to push yourself through work that doesn’t fulfill you anymore?

Are the almost ritual displays of dominance, aggressiveness and competitiveness that seem to be required in your workplace making you feel slightly queasy?

Are you bringing home all that testosterone fueled aggression and conflict and creating arguments and drama at home?

Are you fed up being the one that has to answer everyone’s questions, direct everybody’s actions and carry it all forward by yourself?

Do you want to communicate a new, collaborative, inspirational vision for your business impact to your team but have no idea how to do it?

Maybe you’re ready for more warmth, trustworthiness and empathy in your life and in your business and work?

Instead of numbing yourself with alcohol, cocaine, porn or anonymous sex, are you now looking for long term satisfaction and connection?

Are you ready to swap insecurity, anxiety, even depression and angst for calmness, creativity, confidence and empathy?

Is there any status symbol, any material possession worth your peace of mind and freedom of choice? Do you know your personal values and are you living them? Do you feel and fully embrace your personal worth and sense of self?

Three things I do differently to get my clients to their point B:


  • We start with an hypnotic process that shows you living your ideal life 3 years from that time and from that vision we craft mental, emotional and physical reminders of your unique potential in the form of a mantra using my unique RWID formula.
  • We have regular hypnotic inner journeys guided by your subconscious to gain discovery of the self and the blocks that are hiding in your unknown programming. These journeys also facilitate wellbeing, internal and actual physical healing and promote the changes we are working on to lead to the ideal life.
  • We work on past issues, trauma, large and small, self destructive habits, avoidance and denial habits to clear the way to healthy, emotionally, mentally and spiritually robust health.

Throughout the course of transformative work, I share the tools I’m using and give you everything you need to manage and regulate your mental, emotional and spiritual state. Everything you need to build resilience, self compassion, strength, authenticity and courage to be your honest, true self. To live for long term satisfaction not short lived gratification.

Showing you where to find the courage to communicate honestly in relationships, to be open in sharing what works for you and ask for help when it’s needed.

I teach you to develop self compassion, to shut out your harsh inner critic, to prioritise taking care of yourself and building a relationship with your inner self first, to be strong from the inside out, reigniting the inner spark of joy, creativity and connection that was almost snuffed out.

I am opening up spaces in my elite 1:1 hypnocoaching private client program. This is for the man who is fed up playing the game, winning and winning and yet never feeling like he’s won anything worthwhile…

You know this is for you when you have everything anyone could ever want and yet still feel something is missing and you know it’s not there and what’s missing is more valuable than anything you’ve spent years building, achieving, acquiring…

This is for you if, for years you’ve had all the partners, wives, mistresses and yet have always avoided true intimacy and sharing and bearing your soul, the truth of yourself….afraid that maybe without the success that leaves you cold you’re not enough and you desperately want to be loved for who you are not what you have/are/own.

This is for the man who learned how to dominate his business, how to compete and be the best, how to be selfish and single minded, going for what he wanted, how to win at all costs…and now realises he never learned how to share himself, his joy, his passions, his enthusiasm. Never learned compassion, to empathise, how to connect and be vulnerable with the people who are important to him.

This work with me will strip away all the layers and years of accumulated masking and pretense, bringing you back to your heart and your truth. You’ll gain a sense of peace that comes from knowing yourself fully, honestly and unflinchingly. You’ll gain more confidence and conviction in your work, your instincts will be sharper and you’ll enjoy better work relationships.

During this time with me, you will reconnect to your personal values, you will know your true worth in this world, the value you bring simply as a human being. Not for your work, your success, your bank account. 

You will be grounded in your truth and able to openly communicate your feelings, your needs and desires, be vulnerable and strong as you build lasting intimacy and mutual respect with your loved ones.

Addictions, frustrations, rage, avoidance habits, all the things you used to try to fill that cold pace melt away as you step into being the man you know you were always meant to be, creating a life that is grounded, inspired, visionary, fulfilling and delivers a lasting emotional stability.

If you are interested in becoming the best version of yourself, PM me today.

I’ll ask a few quick questions over messenger to see if you are a good fit for this work with me.

And if it’s a YEs, then you’ll be invited in. Yay! 

The enrollment process is quite simple and takes a few minutes and we can then schedule your first 1:1, where we’ll do a truly astonishing hypnotic clarity process that will show us where we need to start on changing your life from the inside out.

I can’t wait to get your DM.


Cynthia xx

PS. Did I mention the incredible bonus that I offer my elite 1:1 client’s? I don’t think I did, every month you get an unique, personal tailored to you hypnosis audio that is designed to deliver your needs and desires faster than you ever thought possible. Together we ignite your creativity and widen your sense of possibility.



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