Within all of us lies all the different parts of our psyche, our hopes and dreams, fears and insecurities. And the part of us we respond to most, are the programs created when we were children, especially when we were surviving painful, even although not necessarily traumatic circumstances.


We all revert to childhood, I’d go so far as to say we revert to the toddler stage, unable to think rationally, unwilling to pause, breathe, calm and reassess. In that state, we react, we scream, cry and lash out. 


The sense of powerlessness a toddler feels in not being able to make the adults around you listen, understand and do what you want?


That comes flooding back in and all we feel, even as adults who are able to think rationally, is anger, rage, fury and frustration.


But what if you feel like that almost all of the time? How do you get through the day? How do you continue to be a productive member of society, contributing at work, at home, in your relationships?


Badly. You do it all badly. Really badly.


  • Relationships fail.
  • Work gets stagnant and you’re not bringing your best to it.
  • Everyone tiptoes around you because no one wants to set you off, like a highly volatile unexploded ordnance.


And you? 


You’re the one who’s most unhappy because this is not how you want to live, unable to communicate with those you love, unsure how to resolve the tensions you’re creating, unwilling to explore what’s making you this way.

Until there comes a point when you have to say, ‘Enough. No more of this!’


And then, hopefully before your marriage fails and your children hate you and your business and work stutter, you finally seek help.


And that’s what I do.


I help men like you understand the why, sure. But more importantly, I get you past the anger, into the pain and together we heal you and solve the issues your childhood patterns and programs created in your life.


I call this program MANchild because, essentially we all are adult bodies with children in charge of our thoughts, our actions and unfortunately our whole lives. 


Only occasionally does the rational, thinking adult break through the programming to say, ‘No, this is not what I want.’


And so we end up living in constant internal conflict too.


It’s time to start reparenting ourselves and the work starts with accepting you need help and reaching out for it.


Pm or email for further details of my unique HypnoTherapyCoaching program. It will take you from MANchild to fully functioning adult.


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