You already know what you need to do, don’t you?

‘Could you make me a better footballer?’

I was talking to someone recently and he asked me. ‘Could you make me a better footballer?’

Hmm, you might say, well she’s not a football coach or a fitness expert or a dietician, how could she make him a better footballer?

Here’s what I said, ‘Do you know what it would take to make you better at football?’

‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘Of course.’

‘Then I can make you better.’ I said.

Because I don’t need to know the intricacies of your ambition, that’s your job.

I release the blocks on you doing what it takes to be the person who does what it takes to achieve their ambitions. That’s my job.

Because if you want to be a better footballer, or better at your job, or a better husband/wife/parent – insert your thing, and you’re not doing it already?

Then I know what’s holding you back and I know how to release the brake and unleash your energy and potential in the direction of your dreams.

Look, as I’ve said so many times but keep coming back to because its so important.

You first have to know what you want.

Then you focus on that every single day.

And you release the emotional ties to past events that hold you back and stop you being that thing you want to be.

The first two steps are the most important. Most people focus on the last, but really knowing where you want to go and focusing on it every day. That’s the key.

Because when you do that you are stepping out of trance, you are stopping the hypnotic program that’s been running your life for as long as you can remember.

The tumult of thought, 70,000 more or less that flood your mind every day ensure that every day is more or less the same as the one before.

When you focus on what you want with absolute clarity and conviction that you can achieve it, you cut through all that noise, you push away all the distraction and you stay on track. Your path becomes clear.

You don’t have to know the how right now, all you need to know is the next right step.

That next right step might be signing up for new training, or coaching or an educational program or buying a new outfit. Who the f*ck knows?

Well, your superconscious, your Higher Self knows and will guide you every step of the way, but you have to shut down the chorus of thoughts that run constantly, keeping you occupied with the day to day stuff that stops you going for it.

What do you want? What would you most like to happen?

Answer that first.

Then write it out, in full glorious detail. Every sensory imagining fully realised in your mind and on paper.

Write it out every day. Write from the heart, not copied from the previous day’s page.

Say it out loud, dream it, visualise it.

This is what we call ‘subconscious priming.’ You are mentally, emotionally, sensually rehearsing the experience of having your ambition, your goal, your dream. Whatever that may be.

It may be to live the rest of your life in your right sized body, to recover from illness and live in the best of health as you can, to discover a new butterfly and name it after Mariah Carey – again who TF knows?

Well, you do!

The key subconscious pathways don’t comprehend mission statements, targets, spreadsheets. They don’t even understand ‘I want’ or ‘I’d love,’ ‘I wish I could’…The parts of our brain that drive goal-congruent action need to see, feel, taste, smell our ambitions as if we have already achieved them.

That’s why mental and emotional imagery is so important. This is what captivates the subconscious mind and captures its attention.

When you allow yourself the time and energy to ‘daydream’ your life into being, when you visualise your wants and desires as if you already have them, you alter your mind’s perception.

What we see in ‘our mind’s eye’ uses exactly the same neural pathways in our brain as if we were really, truly looking at what we are imagining.

Our subconscious perception of what has yet to happen is on a cognitive par with the so-called ‘real world.’

Of course, sometimes when we do this we might get a bit of a twinge of discordance, a horrible twisting squirmy sensation that tells us this isn’t true or its not for us or we’re not good enough etc.

That’s your old programming raising its head, some of those 70,000 thoughts we’re cutting out, chopping up and tearing through.

Keep focused on what you want, keep imagining it with fully sensory clarity and you reprogram yourself for what you want.

Oh, you might say, ‘Do I have to write it out every day?’

How fast do you want it?

The more you stay focused and on target, the clearer your intention to achieve becomes and the faster your subconscious will start to spot the opportunities and possibilities to bring your goals into reality.

There’s loads of science to back this up.

Numerous studies confirm the effectiveness of handwriting to embed our desired beliefs, goals, outcomes, within our subconscious mind.

This is for several good reasons:

  • Handwriting demands a significant investment of attentional focus which impacts the subconscious belief system.
  • Handwriting about the sensory experience of your desired goals alters the brain’s cognitive appraisal systems.
  • Handwriting, especially repeated handwriting about your life goals disables the parts of your brain that trigger the fear and fight/flight responses, the parts which would normally shut down any activity you undertake outside of your comfort zone.
  • The same research also confirms that goal related handwriting enhances cognitive functioning, slows down ruminative thinking (which is what slows us down when moving forward with change) and reduces stress levels.

Its so simple and so few people are prepared to do it. I often forget myself. But then I always remember and the life I want to live is so important to me that I sit and write it out, I see it, feel it, can smell the scents of that time and place, hear the sounds of it.

Being fully present with our goals in mind leads to flow and flow is where we take effortless goal congruent action. Isn’t the ideal for this life?

Not struggle, or wanting, wanting , wanting and never attaining.

Being in flow, as we keep on following the path to living the life we want as our best self, easy, fun, effortless.

Subconscious priming has greater impact on behaviour than conscious decision making.

I go back to the chorus of 70,000 thoughts. You are changing that chorus with this work, you are creating an autopilot for moving towards your goals and the life you want.

Our everyday actions are guided by what’s often called the brain’s ‘unconscious behavioural guidance systems.’

Wouldn’t it be nice to change your internal GPS to take you to something you want rather than the same old stuff you’re currently getting?

Buy a journal or a notebook or school jotter. Doesn’t have to be fancy. And every day, sit for a quiet ten minutes and write about a day in your ideal life, where you live, what the house is like, what you’re doing, how you look and feel about yourself. Who’s there with you, what are you eating, drinking, doing there? Experience a full day and write out a few sentences that give you tingles because you are right there, experiencing it all.

Don’t put in an old lover or someone you know, imagine an outline if you’re not currently with someone and imagine the relationship fulfills all your needs, this person being right for you. From past relationships pull forward the things you liked, what worked for you and drop all the pieces that didn’t.

If you are in a relationship, imagine it better, focus on the aspects of your partner you appreciate most. Build on that.

If its work, or business or finances you want to improve, focus on the feelings, how would that new job or promotion or having more money make you feel, what are the work details – where do you work, who with, how does you’re job make you feel, what kind of impact are you making?

Can I make you a better footballer?

Bet you’re frickin life I can!



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