A Life without Limits

Think about what that means. We can’t. Because we have become so blind to the limits we put on ourselves that we think that’s how it is, there’s nothing more to be had and even if there was more, how on earth would we get to live it?

A life without limits….What are the limits you’re placing on yourself?

For me, as I sit and think about this I’m aware I’ve set limits on my life in what I think I can have or do in terms of my health, money, location, attractiveness, family and relationships, mobility and age.

And that’s just what first comes to mind.

Why? Why do we keep ourselves stuck with these limiting, light dimming beliefs?

One big reason is familiarity. It’s what we know, it feels safe. We’ve been living the known parameters and limitations of this life and we are surviving so it’s not so bad.

That’s the biggest reason why we stay stuck, why we’re not living a life with no limits. Because ‘it’s what I know.’ Because we have no idea what life would look like without those limiting beliefs.

Imagine what life would look like with total freedom, no lines to live inside of. My mind can’t conceive of it right now because its too used to thinking inside the lines, too used to believing the lines are there, when they’re not.

Those boundaries are set by our beliefs, and beliefs are not real, not true. They’re just a thought we’ve repeated over and over and over again until it becomes true for us.

We don’t let ourselves think about the possibility of life with no limits and yet it exists. We see examples of people living that way all around us.

So why not me? Why not you?

Now that I’ve thought about it, it’s the only thing I want. A life without limits.

What imaginary limits have you set on your life? Increase your awareness of them, and push them back, dare to live outside of the lines you’ve drawn.

Just thinking about it got my heart racing with excitement, the possibilities that are out there if I dare to believe differently. To believe, I can, I do, I have whatever I want, whatever it takes and there’s no stopping me.

How about you? Are you up for the challenge to change?


Cynthia xx

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