How do you know you’re numb when you’ve been numb for so very f*cking long?

That’s a serious question!

Because for many of us, we’ve gotten so used to not feeling our feelings that we don’t realise what an unnatural state of being that is.

How long have you been numbing yourself?

I mean, we all talk about it all the time. Going home to sit on the sofa and watch tv for hours. Eat anytime a feeling or sensation comes up and maybe, if you’re like I was, eat to make sure no sensation even dares think about raising its head!

Drinking, taking drugs, sex, procrastination, busy work, whatever!

We avoid our feelings all the time and have done for years.

Then when we finally have the crisis that makes us reassess our life, whether than be health, career, finances or relationships, we are overwhelmed by what we feel and want it to stop.

Just STOP!


No more feeling. Its all too much.

We don’t want to feel because it feels so alien, we’ve been avoiding it for so long and we don’t realise this is the cure to our crisis, and the cure to living a numb life.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

That’s what we have to do.

Sit in the feelings and feel them.

No reacting. No acting out. We’re not to run away, avoid, deny, repress.

Feel it all, allow it to sweep up over you, consume you and then…

and then leave you.


This is why feeling your feelings is the answer.

Once felt, they leave you.

And they don’t actually last that long if you have a healthy emotional ecosystem.

Problem is, most of us don’t. Me included.

So we have years and years of repressed, avoided, denied feelings to process.

No wonder it feels like we’re standing on the beach watching a towering tsunami rush towards us!

How can you learn to ride the wave?

This is what you must do to break the cycle of numbing. This is what’s needed for you to feel again. This is what you need to do to reconnect with the whole of who you are, the parts that have been shut up and closed off inside of you.

I know learning to feel again is scary because you’ve trained yourself not to feel for good reason, whatever that was for you. To avoid pain, rejection, abandonment, hurt, anger.

All the things that were just too much for that little body in the childhood you weren’t protected from nor ever shown how to process emotions and let go of them.

How do you get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable as these old feelings come up through you?

You just do it. You sit with it, sit in it.

If you’re lucky you have someone who will do that with you, either a counsellor or therapist that will help you unpick the wreckage of a numbed life and help you piece together a new one, a life worth living where you feel everything and act from reason and thoughtful consideration, rather than instinct and responses learned when you were a child.

There’s no magic wand. You already know that.

The stuff you used to numb yourself used to feel good, you once thought that was the magic wand and now makes you feel worse.

So many people struggle with this. So few have the courage or have reached the limit of their endurance where they say, ‘No more.’

Its time to change, its time for change.

Seek help. Be brave.

Believe in yourself and that you are worth it.

Because you are. And I believe in you.

Stop being numb. Start feeling again. Start living.

Embrace the tsunami, knowing you’ll find your way through it to the top.

Be you. All of you, as you were always meant to be.

I’m on that same journey and I experience the same struggle and I have the same hope. That one day I’ll be my best self living my best life.

And that’s my new group program – Best Self-Best Life.

Crikey, it came to me yesterday, fully downloaded. 12 sessions, a small group so its super affordable. Group support, live weekly sessions, journal work, mindset training and audio trainings.

This is going to be a fun, wild ride. Who knows what we’re going to uncover, one thing’s for sure, you’ll be feeling and living by the end of it like you could never have imagined in 4D surround sound, sensory overload.

Life up close, personal and REAL!

You get to feel! To live! To be!

If you want more details, pm me, I haven’t got it all worked out yet, but here’s some of what we’ll be covering:

What do you want to have happen? How to think yourself into the right time and place to create everything you’ve always wanted

RWID – personal tuition from me on the #1 neurotraining tool. This will empower you like nothing else to overcome old thoughts and habits and install new beliefs and behaviours.

Releasing trauma from the body: where does trauma show up in your mind, in your nervous system , your behavior and in your body. We’ll release it, process it, let it go and you’ll have the tools to do this for yourself once we’re finished.

Understanding how the past influences your present and future and cutting off those old meanings to events from back then so you live with a clean slate in the here and now.

Giving yourself what you need: all the love, approval, appreciation and joy you’ve always wanted. I’ll show you how you can finally have it all.

Expanding your resources from your current limited view. Giving you the superpower you were born with and the user manual so you get the most from it.

And that’s just some of it! Whoohoo! So excited to bring this to you.

Pm or email if you want more details.


Cynthia xx

And there’s still time to get the amazing, brilliant value and frankly massively underpriced Winter WonderMind. So many great mindset rewriting tools, fabulous, lush hypnotic audios to wash stress away like the rain washes the world.


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