There’s a million reasons not to go for it but you only need one!

I get it!

Change is scary. And there’s so many times we start and get disappointed.

Maybe like I’ve just done, you trust someone with your money and they decide to take a slice for themselves.

Or maybe you take a leap and get into a new relationship and it turns out that although you both care about each other, for some reason they just can’t or won’t go all in.

Or family keep telling you that you can’t, you won’t, you’ll never amount to anything.

And maybe you’ve achieved so much and yet, its never enough. And you keep doing and yet never feel like you want to feel.

But here’s the thing…there’s always going to be disappointment and that of course adds to the reasons not to try again.

People will let you down, you won’t always succeed, the learning curve feels like it is sometimes steeper than you can navigate.


do you really want to stay where you are? Feeling the way you do?

Do you really think that one disappointment, the one greedy cheat or unreliable lover, or bullying sibling is worth giving up on your potential to live the life you want?

And of course its not just one, its the latest one in a line of many right?

We all mess up. We all make mistakes of judgement and trust where maybe we shouldn’t.

But I’m telling you now, I’d rather trust and be cheated than never trust again.

Sure I’ll learn the lesson and think twice before I invest again. But I will invest in new training and new people because I believe in the goodness of all of us most of the time.

Same for you. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, don’t allow it to stop you believing in yourself and teh goodness of other people.

Yes. You’ve been burned and you’re scared of being hurt again.

Yes you’ve tried to change and it didn’t work and you feel let down and disappointed in yourself and that’s the worst feeling of all.

But don’t you want to do all you can do, give all you have to give, to live a life where you’re all in?

You have to let go of the other sh!t.

Those people have to live with themselves and that’s their stuff.

For me, I have to keep doing what I’m called to do and be all I can be regardless of the disappointments, and funnily enough, equally regardless of the joys.

My work is to show up every day and learn, share, guide and grow and hopefully it helps you to do the same in your own way.

And that’s the thing, we only need one reason to keep going.

There are hundreds, millions of reasons not to go for it. Not to step up, not to give it another go, to simply stop trying and just stay the same old, same ole, day in, day out.

You only need one reason to everyday keep going because we know deep down this is what we have to do.

More than that, we know this is who we are meant to be so we keep going.

Every day, doing what needs to be done to help us stay standing and moving forward one step at at a time.

Because you maybe feel certain you’re not good enough. Or that you can do it in any way at all.

You just need one reason and you hold that like a candle in the dark because it pulls you on, lights your way and gives you courage and conviction.

Even though you might feel that you don’t deserve the life you want with the things you crave, whether its love, money, safety, freedom, peace, contentedness.

Even though you don’t know how.

How to make it happen.

Cling to that one reason to change, whatever it is.

All you need to do right now is think about what you want for yourself.

Think of the life, the body, the habits, the identity, the person who is your ideal self. The best version of you.

Who is your Best Self?

What does the life your Best Self is living look like?

What do you do? How do you interact with others?

Allow yourself to play in your imagination. Give yourself time and scope to fully furnish your dreams and hopes and desires.

And relax.

Change happens when we let go of stress. When we let go of striving. When we let go of forcing and we allow it to happen because it feels good. Because we focus in our minds and then a new choice, a previously unseen possibility opens up for us.

That one reason is the answer to the question, why?

Why should I bother? Why put myself through this? What if it doesn’t work out this time?

What if it does?

What have you got to lose?

That one reason is your why. And it pulls you on, pulls you up.

And every day, you get stronger in your conviction. This Best Self is for you, this life you want is yours.

And every day, through the little changes you make every single day, you bring it closer into being.

Until there you are, your Best Self living your ideal life and you made all the changes you once thought impossible.

Because of that one reason.

That’s all you need. One reason in the face of millions and you can change your life, you can change your whole world.



Cynthia xx

HypnoTherapyCoaching is amazing for taking you from stuck to freedom. From being where and who you don’t want to be, stressed, unhappy, burnt out and unhealthy to finding yourself and feeling whole, happy, strong and free.

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