The problem with hypnotherapy…

There’s a major problem in the therapy industry and specifically the hypnotherapy industry.

And its got a lot to do with people seeing training as a cash cow.

Many people want to be therapists and are called to be so for a wide variety of reasons, but at the heart of it is a desire to help others.

Especially is they’ve solved something in their own life, resolved pain, dropped emotional and physical weight, overcome addiction. Every motivation is unique, of course it is but most people feel that their personal experience isn’t enough and that they need a qualification.

And that’s perfectly understandable and absolutely correct. Because when you’re offering such a personal and unique  service that allows you intimate access to someone’s being, you need some qualifications around that for sure.

And such an industry needs to be regulated. But it isn’t or hardly at all.

Luckily, most therapists are decent, heart centered people who want to learn more and more all the time because it helps them and helps them help others.

But, with hypnotherapy schools there is a problem, Many churn out ‘ready made’ hypnotherapists after six months training and these people are nowhere near ready to be let loose on someone else’s subconscious!

What is worse is these ‘baby’ hypnotherapists desperately then clutch their scripts in sessions with clients and read at the client. Nothing is altered for the individual sat in front of them, they don’t know how to calibrate the client as they go through the hypnosis process and they are limited to the knowledge on the page in front of them.

Not all hypnotherapy schools and not all new hypnotherapists. But many.

I know because it was my first experience of official hypnotherapy training to gain a qualification. Thankfully I’d already been fascinated by psychology and neuroscience and brain training and researching it for years before I decided to divert down the hypnosis route.

And even more thankfully, almost everyone on that course with me realised that all they had learned was the basics and they had so much more to do.

And yet, like all those people who decided to be a therapist or a coach because of overcoming their own trauma/pain/issues, I also believe that all you need is within you. You already know everything you need to know.

That being said, its always good to be in a regulated industry because then people can have an element of trust and certainty over the standard of work to expect. It creates a sense of respectability.

The second problem is…

that people think what I teach them is a luxury when its actually an absolute necessity.

And should be on prescription! Everyone needs to know how to think in a way that is to their benefit, for their good rather than just letting their mind wander where it will. Everyone needs to know how to change their thinking so they can move forward, bringing the health, happiness and abundance they want into their life.

And the excuses: I can’t afford it * Its just anxiety – everybody gets it * My depression isn’t so bad, other people are worse * I don’t feel bad enough for therapy * Life is supposed to be hard * We’re not meant to be happy all the time * Nobody can help me * Its just the way I am * I can’t change * I’ve always been like this/done this * Nothing works for me * This is self indulgent bs, I just have to suck it up.

Stop thinking to yourself like you are nothing. You are EVERYTHING!

You deserve to live a full, loving, happy life with a sense that your life matters.

Your life must matter to you first and foremost!

And part of that is realising you are worth caring for.

Stop thinking about what went wrong, allowing the trauma/hurt/pain to take up space in your head.

Stop going round and round thinking ‘well, if only I’d done this or that then this or that would happen and it would all be okay.’ You can’t change what happened. You can change how you feel about it. 

Stop thinking going back to the past hoping it will be different, or looking for what you could’ve done/ should’ve done differently. Its done. Accept it and change how you think about it.

The third problem is image.

Hypnotherapy is not ‘woowoo’, it’s not mind control and it’s not trickery. Its been scientifically investigated and its impact and effects measured in thousands of research studies. More than that its been used since the beginning of civilisation for self development, healing and transformation.

Hypnosis quite simply allows you to reset your mind. To rewrite your thinking. To create new identities. To embrace new ways of thinking. To adopt new behaviour patterns. Essentially hypnosis can change everything about you that’s changeable. And almost everything is changeable.

But hypnosis is not a magical cure all – it works best when you do your daily practice work to support the changes you’re making with hypnosis.

I don’t want people coming to me to ease their fear of flying who are then unwilling to examine why they were afraid in the first place.

I don’t want clients who are hoping to ease the IBS or autoimmune issues they’re experiencing to stop with that and not realise there are underlying issues with their thinking that need to be corrected otherwise something else will happen in their body at some stage.

My ideal client comes to me because they know their thinking is f*cked up, that somehow they are the source of what’s wrong in their lives and they want to fix their life by fixing their thinking.

When you’re ready to do that, get in touch.

Until then, keep reading because every post you read helps you gain a little clarity into your thinking and you might even change yourself.

Wouldn’t that be awesome?



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