Is HypnoTherapyCoaching a necessity for you right now?

People have lived in pain their whole lives, not necessarily physical pain, but mental, emotional and spiritual pain, they’ve lived in avoidance and resistance, living small lives, unable and unwilling to fully be themselves because they were taught that they were somehow wrong, not enough or too much or some other piece of crap.

We were all born to be perfectly ourselves. No more and no less. Nothing else required but that we be who we were born to be.

But most of us had imperfect parents, who had imperfect parents. And the damage goes back generations.

And when you grow up in a home that shamed you, you stop feeling certainty in the rightness of who you are, the truth of who you’re ‘supposed’ to be.

Then we hide, we hide our true selves, we deny parts of ourselves, we avoid being that part that was judged, we stop being all of who we were born to be. And then we start pretending. We get so used to pretending that we almost forget who we were born to be.

But there’s always that niggle, that sense of dissatisfaction, that pain in our heart and soul. You might not know why you’re feeling that pain because you’ve gotten so lost in the illusions and hiding and avoidance that you engage in but you feel it just the same.

And you’ve tried everything to cover it up, to bury it deep. Everything.

For some of you, that means shopping and buying sh!t you don’t need. Or being unfaithful, or stealing or cheating employers.

For some, the oblivion is found in alcohol or drugs or food or sex, or porn or gambling.

For others, it’s in overachievement and always doing more, having more, always moving faster, going at it harder and it’s all never enough.

None of it, eben all of it, is never enough.

And we hide deeper and deeper in our illusions and disguises and pretence, nothing to see here, nope, not hiding anything in the depths of my heart, there’s no depths at all.

And the pain, the loneliness, the sense of never being enough, of always being somehow wrong or unimportant or invisible or an outsider…it grows inside and gnaws at us, leaving us hollowed out.

This is why working with me is such a necessity. No-one deserves to feel like this. And they don’t have to for a moment longer once they are able to look at the past, at their present and their hoped for and feared futures and all the people that exist in all times therein and say, ‘I am enough, just as I am.’

To be able to say, ‘I am worthy just because I’m fucking here on the planet. I don’t have to say or do anything. I have nothing to prove. And I love myself inside out. Every fucking part of me that they said was wrong, or too much or not enough – I fucking love all of me.’

That’s what I work with my clients on, loving themselves, finding peace, and moving forward to create a life they love living as all they were born to be, bringing all their gifts to the world.

Why Now? What are the urgent needs my clients are facing because of Covid 19 and the new societal fears and pressures?

This current high stress global environment with its myriad injustices exacerbates all our personal insecurities, adding what seems like unavoidable fear of an invisible foe, the looming threat of ill health and financial insecurity, the potential ill health of vulnerable loved ones and the fracturing of our communities.

There’s all the side taking, misinformation, politicisation of a health and social emergency, the poisoning of the social media well, the polarisation of different news channels and outlets. How do we know what to believe anymore? It’s fierce out there. And everyone has an opinion on pretty much everything and no-one listens to experts anymore.

All that uncertainty, angst, anger, stress and worry, essentially its all fear and it triggers all our old wounds and hurt and pain and we regress into childhood patterns of behaviour because our brain stops working.

Our adult brain, with its ability to think logically, rationally and creatively, to reason and rationalise and problem solve goes off line – literally.

Our brain gets switched off and now we are acting like a child is at our helm, which in psychological terms, it is.

Panic, fear and instinctual reaction take over. We’re of no use to ourselves or anyone else in this state, we’re just another chicken running around in circles, crying that the sky is falling down.

We need to take a breath or ten and find a safe place to sit, until we return to ourselves. Then we’ll have tools and strategies to help us stay in control as once calm, we’re able to think clearly, logically, creatively. Because we are much more useful and far more effective when the adult is in charge within.

What results are you looking for?

Freedom from catastrophe, doom and dangerous thinking?

Able to think and problem solve and bring all of your experience and learning and abilities to the present moment, to create a life worth living?

The ability to stay in the here and now and not get lost from current triggers to past patterns of thought and behaviour?

To be happier simply by being fully yourself, not needing to be anything else, knowing you are enough. You’ve done enough, you have enough and no fucks are given if people think you’re too much of anything.

You love yourself totally, all the time, no matter what. Even in the face of rejection or criticism.

Able to catch yourself when you fall back into old habits and say, ‘Oh, here I go again!’ and stop, observe, be in the moment and pull back from destructive action taking, to be able to learn from those triggers, the poor judgement and reactions and retune for the future so it happens less and less and you recover yourself faster.

Loving yourself as you are now. Having compassion and love for the person you were and loving how life is unfolding now, with everything as it should be and everything always working out for the best.

Want to know more?

This webinar will tell you more about the theories and processes behind HypnoTherapyCoaching. It’s jam packed full of information and is well worth your time to watch.

Watch it and let me know what you think.

As always, here to support you living your best life.

Change your thinking, change your life.

Learn how:



Cynthia xx


Unlearn the past

Rewrite the present

Unleash your full potential

and build a phenomal future starting today.

You already know what you’re looking for, all you have to do now is decide if I’m the right person to help you find it and bring it into your life.

(Hint. I already know where it is and so do you. Its a question of freeing yourself from old beliefs to make it happen and snap it into reality)



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