Weekly Round Up!


What a glorious Sunday.

Amelia and I have already had a four mile hike this morning, all the household chores are done and the bed linen washed and hanging out on the line. There’s just something about being productive and able to see the effects of your efforts around you that feels good.

And I made time and space to meditate. I asked my superconscious to process and clear any and all old meanings attached to past events that hold me back, any emotional blocks and resistance, to let it all go.

And I was prompted to act like I was a giant toothpaste tube and mimic squeezing the tube to get the last bit of toothpaste out, you know like you squeeze and roll, squeeze and roll all the way to the top to get that last little bit?

And I did that, imagining that I was squeezing out all that old sh!t, the crap I carry around that I’ve outgrown, the stuff that I don’t need nor want hanging around emotionally, mentally, energetically. I pulled my hands up my body like I was really pushing that stuff up and meeting resistance and I kept pushing until it all went out the top of my head. Whoosh!

And I did it a few more times til I was sure it was all gone, checking in with my superconscious and allowing deeper work to continue whilst I got on with my day.

And I feel amazing now, high on life and all its infinite possibilities and opportunities, nothing’s holding me back. In fact I almost feel like nothing’s holding me down and I’m floating above the ground.

This is what HypnoTherapyCoaching does for you. Earlier this week, I was in the grip of deep despair and hopelessness, today I’m walking on air.

Not because I’m manic or bi-polar but because I’m aware of my state and able to work on myself and take the steps necessary to bounce back quickly from anxiety and depression.

The tools I use are all shared with you when you work with me, because the ultimate aim is that you are always able to change your life by changing your thinking.

You don’t have to wait til your session, or until I answer your message. You change how you feel when you change the thoughts you have, in that very moment. and I show you how to do that.

I actually wrote far more than I expected to today because I was just going to share all of last week’s posts because there may be some you’ve missed.

The message is the message, so I’m sure someone will read this and get exactly what they need from it.


There’s been a lot of great content this week. Let’s get stuck in with it all. Here’s this week’s round up:

The sky is falling or is it? imagine you’re Chicken Little, I help Chicken Little understand that not only is the sky NOT falling down but if he wanted he could fly into that beautiful blue sky.’

Chickens can’t fly, he said. Completely missing the analogy, nevermind that I was talking about a fairytale character.

‘Exactly, but what if Chicken Little was really an eagle who had been raised to think he’s a chicken. So, here’s this magnificent bird, looking up into the big blue sky, imagining, longing to float on those high thermal winds and then stretch his wings hunting his prey. But instead he continues scratching in the dirt because although he’s an eagle, because he was brought up, from he came out of his egg, with chickens, he thinks he’s a chicken, he thinks he can’t fly.’

The sky is falling! Or is it?


When you figure out you’re going in the wrong direction, STOP!

I turned around, no-one in sight. To keep going that way would have been stupid and so I kept going, just in the opposite direction, back the way we’d come.

When you figure out you’re going in the wrong direction, STOP!

Take the medicine, whatever it is, to make you feel better

This was what was I was avoiding. And so it shows up here. I need to do this every day. Its a must for me to stay on an even keel and not let depression and anxiety swamp me. And yet, when I feel those twin terrors creeping close, meditation is the last thing I want to do. I want to focus on my worries, exacerbate my fears and contemplate a future where everything goes wrong.

Take the medicine, whatever it is, to make you feel better

Do you want happiness if its dependent on things you can’t control?

The word ‘happy’ comes from the word ‘happenstance.’ Which means, ‘something outside of yourself.’” He said, “I wanted my happiness to come from something inside of myself. Nothing outside was going to make me happy.”

Do you want happiness if its dependent on things you can’t control?


You can always turn things around, no matter how dark it seems

Think about all the times you’ve felt backed into a corner, threatened in some way, how do you behave? And ask yourself ‘how old was I when I acted like that?’

You can always turn things around, no matter how dark it seems

Change your thinking and save your life

Six words. Saved my life. How you think creates the life you lead. You are not at the mercy of your thoughts, unless you allow it to be so. You can have power over your thoughts. You simply have to learn how to use it and make the effort to do so.

Change your thinking and save your life

Is HypnoTherapyCoaching a necessity for you right now?

What results are you looking for? Freedom from catastrophe, doom and dangerous thinking?

Able to think and problem solve and bring all of your experience and learning and abilities to the present moment, to create a life worth living? The ability to stay in the here and now and not get lost from current triggers to past patterns of thought and behaviour?

Is HypnoTherapyCoaching a necessity for you right now?


I truly hope you found something you need in this week’s work. I’d love it if you dropped me a line or made a comment to let me know what connected directly with you.

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday.


Cynthia xx






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