We’ve KickStarted 2018 in the best way possible. Together!

Thank you so much. Thank you for trusting me with your hopes and dreams. Thank you for sharing your precious Saturday morning with me to work on creating a real, balanced plan for a better life in 2018.

And thank you to Margaret Chapman of The Centre of WellBeing for the fabulous, tranquil, comfortable space she has created in our town. I love working here.

So, what did we do on Saturday?

We started with a guided visualisation. I led everyone into a light hypnotic trance and we imagined the ideal life we could be living in 3 years time. And I realised I could record that visualisation for people to download and use at home. Coming soon, I promise!

And then there was some journal work, just writing out the feelings and thoughts that came up after the visualisation. For some, it was about the gap between where they are now and that ideal life, for others the journal work was about how frustrating current life is and how they felt stuck.

This was brilliant because it really set the scene for the main work we were doing. An analysis of eight major areas of life,  writing out what brings us pain, grief, frustration and stress and giving each life area a rating from 0 to 10, 10 being fulfilled, perfect, happy, balanced just about perfect.

I used this time to brain dump under every area and it gave me so much insight into what I’m doing, what I’m not doing and where my life needs more guidance and help. The big one for me was the final area of my life that I examined, ‘Fun and Recreation’. I was stumped – what the hell do I do for fun? Nothing was coming up, not in a laugh out loud, having a hell of a good time kinda way. No wonder I’m feeling burned out and as if all I do, think about and focus on is work!

From the review of our current life situation and looking out at the ideal life 3 years from now, it was time to start building a bridge to take us from one to the other. Because if we’re not living our ideal life now and if we want to live it in 3 years time, then changes must be made.

What we do or don’t do today influences how we live in our future.

We then created Goals for 2018, based on the life area we felt was our priority. My physical and mental health and my spiritual growth were the three areas I decided to focus on as they all interlink and improvements are interdependent for me.

And I gave 2018 an overarching theme: Having a Laugh. Because I can do serious work on myself and for others and still find time for fun and laughter to balance things out.

From the Goals for the year and allowing the 3 year vision to influence us, we boiled it down to the targets we must achieve every month and every week to move us forward. And then we made a list of immediate actions we can implement to support us in achieving our targets and goals.

I now have a list of daily, weekly, monthly actions that I have committed to. These actions will take me closer, step by step, week by week to my ideal life. How exciting is that?

Thank you again, to everyone who attended, those who couldn’t make it but were interested and to The Centre of WellBeing and especially the wonderful Margaret Chapman.

Interested in a workshop? This was so powerful and life affirming I’m thinking about offering it as a monthly service. If you’d be interested belonging to a supportive, encouraging, challenging monthly group of great people, holding each other accountable and all moving forward in life towards a positive vision of themselves and their lives, get in touch and let me know. We can make miracles happen.

And if you’re still thinking about change, some of my older blog posts on how to make change happen might help you get unstuck.


Give me a good reason why! Good questions to ask yourself to change your perspective.

Are you helping or hindering your progress in life?


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