Stepping up to do new things. How that creates anxiety and fear and how to work through it

Following on from my previous post, here you are, on your way to building that ideal life and the best version of you that you know you can be. And you know you’re going to be required to step up and to step way outside of your comfort zone.

Often, because stepping up means taking on new challenges, moving into new situations, sure, it’s easy to say, ‘Nope, not ready for that, not doing that, who the heck do I think I am?’ Yadda, yadda, yadda. There it is that sh!tty internal voice again.

Here’s a note for you – That voice is ALWAYS going to be there. I’ve not actually spoken to her about this but i bet even Madonna hears this occasionally. But look at her, has she ever let that stop her? I don’t think she has, ever. But who knows, maybe its gotten to her from time to time but mostly? No, she keeps pushing herself, keeps pushing her boundaries back and opening our eyes to what’s possible.

Take Madonna as inspiration, or if Madonna doesn’t do it for you, someone else you see as a trailblazer who keeps moving forward, letting nothing and no-one get in their way. (Let me know who that is for you, I’m interested, honestly, I love to hear about inspiring people) There are plenty of great examples out there. I’m going to adopt the ‘What would Madonna do?’ one for myself because I know, if it was her, she’d keep going.

Because yes, we all face challenges, and we will still face challenges even when living our ideal lives. And that voice will show up to tell us we’re not good enough, or we don’t know enough, or whatever enough and your job, your mission is to ignore it and get on with taking your inspired action.

You keep going, you hold your dream, your vision, your goals in front of you and you keep thinking about what you want, keep your RWID formula front and centre of your mind and you keep going.

And sometimes what you feel called to do may feel scary and overwhelming, but if you’re not in actual physical danger, then you’re okay, you’ve got it, keep going.

For instance: I want to go into prison. No, not as an inmate! I want to go into prison and give regular guided meditations to the inmates.

TRIGGER WARNING – I’m about to talk about suicide.

The reason the idea came to me was because of Caroline Flack and her tragic death. When it came out that Caroline had hanged herself, I was distraught thinking about just how much pain she must have been feeling to do that.

And I met a wonderful old guy, Bill, one of the regular’s Amelia and I meet on our morning walks and he told me how he used to be a warden at the local prison for young offenders and starting a shift one morning, he walked into one young man’s cell to find him hanging there. That stayed with me a long time.


And then the idea came to me to do group meditations in prison. I had just started looking for ways to speak to the Governor of the local one when the Coronavirus lockdown started.

So, yes. I can imagine that going into a prison to sit in front of these guys who have done goodness knows what to offer guided meditation will be scary. And that sh!tty little voice in my head is telling me not to be so silly, they wouldn’t be interested in my woowoo little stories and meditations, they won’t want to lie down on the floor and go inside and get quiet and still and yadda, yadda, yadda.

And you know what? I think those prison inmates need this just as much as anyone else if not more so. How much self love, self forgiveness, self awareness have they given to themselves?

Sure, its going to be scary and I imagine frustrating, trying to sell the idea to the authorities, but its something I feel called to do, inspired thought leading to action.

This is what I’m asking you to do. Get still and quiet, go inside and ask what you need and then….follow through.

Remember, your needs are valid. Trust in the process of life.


Cynthia xx

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All you need to build your life without limits is inside of you. Release the brakes, set yourself free.

A life with no limits, let’s go for it.



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