Your comfort zone is killing your dreams. Get out of there!

Last week I took a good look at my Daily Fulfillment Balance and found myself running on empty. After considering how I want to feel, how I want to live. I deliberately engineered my day to include things that fill me up, that give me resilience and joy.

And yes, my schedule is still all over the place, its new and it takes time for new schedules to bed in, to fit with all the things I have to do as well as the things I get to do. All my non-negotiables are on there and I am committed to doing them every day no matter what. I’m sometimes having to shoehorn things into my day but they’re all on my daily task list, they’re getting done and that feels great.

I also know how easy it would be to give up, to sack this whole thing. The thing is, if I give up on this, I’m also giving up on me. And this time, I realise that is also a non-negotiable. There is no giving up.

I am committed to changing my life. I am committed to my vision, to my goals and my dreams. I am committed to being the best version of myself I can be and I know as I live into that best version of me, I will keep getting better.

I can’t remember who said this but there’s a quote that fits this situation when things get hard and you feel like giving up ; ‘Don’t wish life was easier, wish you were better.’ I get it now. Easy doesn’t give you any reward. Its moving forward through the hard stuff that brings the glory.

Staying in your comfort zone is easy. And staying there will kill your dreams. Everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone. You have to move, to do, to take action, to step up, be uncomfortable, risk humiliation and defeat and keep going, never stopping. And when you keep going, when you keep showing up and doing whatever you have to do you build your resilience muscle, you learn to bounce back from setbacks hard, high and fast.

I am committed to topping up my daily fulfillment balance, to starting every day making deposits that life me higher mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. why?

Because I finally get this simple truth and it took me fucking long enough to get it! I am worth the effort. I am worth doing these wonderful, simple, joyful things for. I am so worth it. And I love myself enough to take care of myself and do what I need to do.

That’s it. You have to decide you’re worth the effort of taking care of yourself. You are worth the effort of self discipline, self control, and self fulfillment.

You have to decide you want to live into that best version of yourself every day, as much as you can right now, from where you are.

And you have to commit to it. Because it will get hard sometimes, you will get fearful of the changes you’re making. That voice in your head will do everything it can to make you stop.

And its a clever thing, it knows all you know and everything you’ve forgotten you once knew. It knows all your secret fears, the weaknesses you do you best to hide from.

And it will use it all to try to stop you from changing.

Your job is to ignore it and keep going.

Remember, whatever it is you have to do to live your dream, you can do it. You have all you need inside of you. Its all already there, you’re simply releasing it now, accessing it for your own benefit as you grow into an ever more dynamic version of yourself.

You start where you’re at with what you’ve got. Whatever your task, target, goal, dream is, you start where you are right now. As you get better, you do better, as you learn more, you grow and do more and as you keep going you keep getting better.

Personally, I don’t think we can go straight from A to Z in one leap, but we can move quickly past all the other stages from where we are to where we want to be when we do what’s in front of us, holding our destination in the fore front of our mind and dropping resistance.

Listen, I get resistance, I’ve been resisting my own good for way too long. There’s no good reason to resist, get on with it. Do whatever it takes to get you to wherever you want to be and as you commit to doing what it takes, when you do it, you transform into the best ever ideal version of you. She is inside of you already. He’s always been there.

There’s been an avalanche of crud in your lifetime that has swamped who you really are, has submerged you in other people’s sh!tty beliefs and you’ve taken all of that on for many different reasons. All of that has taken you further away from your true self. Now? Now you’re excavating yourself out from under and all that crud will drop away as you commit and keep showing up to be your best self.

Life is always going to bring darkness, despair, grief and pain. But good deeds, humour, love, sacrifice, dedication self discipline and following your joy ignites a light inside of you that will burn so bright, the darkness cannot last.

What do you have to do? Whatever it takes!

When do you start? How about now?

What should you do first? Get quiet, be still, go inside and ask your true self the question, ‘What do you need me to do for you?’


Cynthia xx

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