The Need to take a Pause, a Breath, a Time to Stop and Reflect

Sometimes we are exactly what we need.
Eventually, the Helper will need Assistance. The Encourager will need Uplifting. The Comforter needs Reassurance —and even the Healer needs to be Healed.
Through our emotional needs, Life makes itself known, exposes our similarities and insists on the importance of connection within the warmth of empathetic presence.
Developing an awareness of what we need to be healthy, to take in love and to feel safe in the world, then cultivating clear and peaceful language to express each one vulnerably, is a process that can open the door to Harmony.
So, may you learn to listen and follow your heart’s insistent cries of longing back to the origin of your earliest pains and bring forward your needs to be heard, finally, with recognition, understanding, and acceptance.
And may you likewise know the content and deserving blessing of feeling met and tenderly received.
Susan Frybort Poet
Today is a day for me to pause and take stock. I had to go to the supermarket first thing, out of dog treats! The Horror of it!
And walking round the supermarket, playing trolley dodgems with the other people, doing the hokey cokey as I reached for items on the shelves only to pull back as someone else reached in at the same time. Everyone masked up, doing their best to get through and get it done and home to breathe again.
When I got home and everything was washed and put away, I’m left feeling exhausted.
So that’s all I have for you today. Recognise when you need to take a pause. 
I said the same thing this morning, you can watch me feed the swans and talk about the value of having a pause here.
I’m taking a pause and resting, recovering my equilibrium and writing a gratitude list that includes everyone in that supermarket, the servers, the shelf fillers, the checkout men and women and all the shoppers.
Be kind out there if you have to go out, we’re all doing the best we can with these incredible circumstances.
Be kind within. Give yourself what you need. That’s you’re first duty. Always.
Love as always,
Cynthia xx

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