January 2021 – We see the world changing in a single day!

People say, I can’t change, it’ll take too long, I’m too old – blah, blah, blah.

Well, Joe Biden is 78, he’s the new American President and he set to work immediately after his inauguration to start changing some particularly egregious policies from the previous administration. (I’m not going to even use his name anymore, the thing that he fears most is obscurity and that’s what I hope everyone consigns him to now.)

I’m sure Joe Biden, Mr President may have said to himself occasionally, I’m too old, it’s too late, I’ve missed my chance. And look what happened – he’s only gone and got himself elected as the most powerful man on earth. In probably the most divisive election ever, he won by a landslide. And now faces the biggest workload of any incoming President.

But it’s his time. He made it.

So why don’t you stop listening to all your old thoughts and beliefs that tell you that you can’t do, you won’t ever be, you just aren’t right for…whatever it is you always wanted to be, to do, to have.

You can do it!

Focus on the end result. What do you want. Within the limits of time and physics but allowing for magic and God/Universe/Source to do their thing…what do you want?

And go for it.

Don’t let anyone, especially those frickin voices in your own head tell you can’t.

The only thing that will stop you is you.

So choose wisely. To go for what you want or list all the endless reasons why you can’t.

To help, here’s this week’s compilation of blog posts to help you set your mind to what you want and keep it focused on only that.


Anxiety has hijacked your mind, is robbing you of joy and guess who’s driving the getaway car?


Distracted? Attention Scattered? Productivity Flatlined? In other words SNAFU, right?


The obstacles you will face on the way to building a foundation of good mental health


Is this you today?


Maybe you’re not getting what you want because you think you’re not allowed to ask for it


The Need to take a Pause, a Breath, a Time to Stop and Reflect

And there’s always this for you,

Bite Size Coaching – The modern, easy way to get the guidance you need when you need it


Bite Size Coaching – The modern, easy way to get the guidance you need when you need it


Here’s to changing your world because you believe in you. No other reason necessary.


Cynthia xx

PS. My Signature Program, Change for Life. Ready to enrol new clients, yippee! Are you ready, willing and able to do what it takes until it takes to get the life you want? Are you ready to step up and invest in yourself and commit to building the life and the identity of your best self?

Change for Life: The Self Restorer


It’s Time to STOP Letting Your Past Rule Your Present and Define Your Future

HypnoTherapyCoaching is a Personal Transformation Program to take you from where you currently are to that best version of YOU, you as you always wanted to be.

Change For Life

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