Greatest hits and a question I want to put to you

I was in a therapist working group call the other day and one of the other people in it said something that interested me greatly and I wanted your take on it.

He said that he’d stopped calling himself a therapist or a hypnotherapist because people still didn’t like admitting they were seeing such a thing and instead he had rebranded his business as being a trainer.

And to some extent I think he’s right. I would love to see the day when people automatically seek a therapist when they’re feeling a bit low, or aware they could be achieving more, or simply because someone feels like life isn’t living up to its promise.

All of these are things that therapy helps you overcome, and there are loads of different therapists trained by various therapy schools using multiple sources for their work. Whatever you need and however you want to do the work, they will be a therapist to suit you exactly.

I want going to a therapist to be seen as automatic and reasonable as a regular dental appointment. Of course, I’m seeing a therapist, what am I mad?

But sadly, we’re still not there yet and so I was thinking, should I change my operating title?

Instead of hypnotherapist, should I instead introduce myself as a brain trainer, or a neurotrainer or a thought mastery teacher?

And I would really appreciate your feedback on this, because I don’t know whether ‘therapist’ puts people off from seeking help they need, whereas maybe saying ‘oh, I’m seeking training to help me clarify my thoughts and move forward in life’ is easier?

Or maybe its more boastable to be able to say to friends, ‘Hey, I’m doing a course with a thought mastery trainer?’

I know boastable isn’t a real word but its meaning is exactly what I need right there!

Because hypnotherapy is about training you to master your thoughts, it is when you do it with me that’s for sure.

My clients don’t lie passively back and go to sleep while I tinker with their subconscious, I’m a guide, they do the work and some of it is in conscious thinking and some in subconscious and some at the superconscious level.

So maybe I do need to relabel my work, what do you think? Please comment because I’d love your feedback.

Also, I’ve had many more people sign up for the daily (mostly) email and they won’t have received all the amazing stuff all you earlier readers have already received to help them with their thought mastery, and I wanted to share some of the most important articles here for the newer subscribers to get started with.

And of course, its no surprise that first absolutely is RWID. The foundational principle on how our thinking works.

This is the most important tool in thought mastery and thought mastery is essential to creating real change in your life. Start with this first. It is the absolute must do technique that helps manage cravings, suicidal thoughts, self abusive impulses and directs you to focusing on what you want to happen in your life.

The Foundation of Healthy Thought – Ta Dah! Its RWID!!!


Next, I highly recommend this tool, The CRAP list.

Empty out the stuff clogging up your head

Neurotraining for all day every day calmness is here:

Brain training…something to do on a rainy afternoon

Know what matters to you and that you matter too:

Build a life that matters by recognising you matter


And another piece on RWID that fills in more personal details:

Change your thinking and save your life


Whether you’ve already read these or the articles are new to you, I feel you’ll get loads of help from them all.

I reread them as I chose them for you and I must admit to being blown away by the wisdom in them. I don’t take credit for that, what I write comes from a deeper source within that’s fed by all the books and research I’ve read, the lectures and webinars and courses I’ve attended and filtered by God/SourceThe Universe through me, ending up in my voice, in my words, on my page.

I hope it helps you and as always, go the website and find more resources to support you and hopefully entertain you a little bit too.

Whatever else you’re doing this dark, wet Saturday, remember to love yourself.


Cynthia xx

PS. I really would like to know what you think about Thought Mastery Trainer vs Hypnotherapist or Brain Trainer  or NeuroTrainer. I had tinkered with the idea of Though Whisperer earlier this year but people didn’t seem to get it. What do you think?

PPS. Stir up the things within, especially if like most of the western world you dislike Autumn and dread Winter. Change that programmed thinking with this fabulous offer…


Winter WonderMind: Hating the thought of winter? Transform that dread to delightful anticipation of the most magical season of the year.





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