Weekly Digest – it’s all here!

Hey, I thought I’d start a new thing and review the week’s blog posts on Sunday with a short clip of what’s on each and a link so you can go back to any your wanted to re-read or read the ones you may have missed.

Because, honestly, when I reread these, I am blown away by what’s in there, teh insights, the guidance, I love reading them because I learn from them all over again.

Why? Because the words come through me, not from me. I am the vessel, the messenger, the message does not originate with me so I am often surprised and pleased by the content I produce, probably because it comes from Source, a Higher Wisdom and it flows much better than anything I could ever say.

Do the hard work first. When you do, you get better at life and your life gets better and better.

When you don’t do the hard stuff, the tricky stuff, the stuff that you’re resisting for all the many reasons you have; it drains away all your energy because you think about having to do it and not wanting to do it all the time.

You lose your life to the distraction strategy, because you couldn’t make yourself do the thing you needed to do.



What are you avoiding that needs the distraction of the thing you’re craving?

That’s the gold nugget right there. Avoidance and resistance feel horrible and so we act out to numb ourselves.



Here’s the good news. There’s nothing wrong with you. There never was. You’re stuck in unprocessed trauma and your body and mind never learned how to move through that stuff. That’s what you need to learn, how to process your emotions, how to feel your feelings without reacting to them, without shutting down or suppressing and denying them.



Everything we do today will affect our bodies in the future; either in a horrific, painful and sad way or in a positive, helpful way. The time to prepare for the rest of our lives is today. Food matters, what you eat either keeps you healthy or makes you sick.

Beige food or real food? What you’re eating every day affects your health, start paying attention to this



When we’re stressed, all of our normal behavioural systems go offline, our digestive system gets shut down, our immune system, our reproductive system, basically everything is switched off to allow the fight/flight response our full capacity to evade/eliminate the perceived threat.

This means that our thinking stops and we become purely reactive. OUR THINKING STOPS. This means the ability to creatively, logically, intuitively solve whatever problem we’re facing is gone.

I’ve said this to clients many times – stress makes us act stupid!



These childhood wounds are deep and the behaviour patterns we adapted to cope and survive have strong roots. And so these situations keep coming up as a reminder that there’s always another layer, there’s always more healing to do.

This work is never done. Its a daily practice to think right and its a continual process to heal yourself.



Rescue doesn’t come from outside of you.

Change is going to happen. It’s always happening. And is less frightening when we stop resisting it.  People are uncomfortable with change and 2020 has brought so many! That’s why people want a rescuer, someone to put it all to rights and by that, they mean they want everything to go back to the way it was before.

What makes fantasy theories of world change so appealing?


That was fun. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed compiling the posts today. 🙂


Cynthia xx

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