What makes fantasy theories of world change so appealing?

I’ve been seeing a lot of crazy stuff come up in my social media feeds and when I did some research I got more and more fascinated with the ‘QAnon’ phenomenon. There’s a great article on The Atlantic for those of you new to this – you lucky things!

Fascinated , partly because it seems so ridiculous that anyone could portray and others believe Trump as a Lightbringer and saviour of moral decency.

This is a man who lies about the lies he told that he got caught in telling, and blatantly says he didn’t say what he’s been recorded as saying. And not just one time but almost every fricking day of his occupancy of the White House.

This is a man who boasted about sexually assaulting women and was accused of rape by his first wife and is friend with monstrously predatory pedophiles. This is the guy who’s going to rescue the children? Seriously?

But beyond the Trump issue, why are these seemingly rational people getting sucked in to these weird, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories?

I have a theory about that 🙂

I believe it’s because they feel so out of control and powerless in their own life and are hoping to be rescued from a world that is increasingly unfamiliar and overwhelming to them.

These are powerful forces to be reckoned with; unfamiliarity and overwhelm. Looking outside for a rescue makes sense because our internal world is in uproar and it seems impossible to adapt to changing world views and priorities and social mores.

Let be clear, white people have had a position of privilege just because of the colour of our skin that is undeniable. That privilege is most obvious and is actually legislated for in USA, but it’s overt here in the UK too and in other postcolonial countries across Europe.

I’m not saying white people have it easy, of course not, but things are always harder if you’re brown or black. And honestly, why are all the people who are in the same situation fighting each other and not looking for redress from the billionaire class?

The world is changing, it had to and we’re reaching a tipping point which is why the old establishment is fighting so hard to hang on to its current handhold of power.

But people are uncomfortable with change and 2020 has brought so many! There are massive cracks in the social order, the landscape of our towns and cities has changed utterly, having to wear masks, social distancing, protests, civil unrest, mass migration, economic collapse. And we’ve still got 4 months of this year to go!

That’s why people want a rescuer, someone to put it all to rights and by that, they mean they want everything to go back to the way it was before. The thing is:

  •  the ways things were wasn’t great for most people
  •  We can never go back.

Instead of getting sucked into the fantasy world of QAnon, what people need is to start a process of internal research, to ask themselves why they need this outside reassurance and promise of retribution so bad. What is it inside of themselves that so readily accepts such obviously nonsensical concepts and silly meme Q drops?

Of course, there’s the comfort of the crowd, the righteous indignation that fuels anger and covers up fear and insecurity. There’s the sense of superiority, of knowing something the ‘sheeple’ don’t know.

There are some obvious comforts to be had from the conspiracy world, but they are all mirages, illusions, insubstantial. Everyone that gets sucked into conspiracy theories needs to do internal work, because as I always say, you start within to change your world.

And I’m not saying this as some bemused bystander. I was once one of these people, not into the QAnon stuff but I once lapped up everything David Icke said, I would even watch Alex Jones on Infowars but that was before he went even more batshit crazy with Obama and Trump. I read Icke’s books, I watched his interviews and youtube videos and attended his lectures. I was following all the threads down the rabbit hole and would lose days, weeks on this stuff.

And I still say, when someone asks me what I believe about lizard people, shadowy elites and illuminati ruling the world, ‘I don’t know.’

Its the only honest answer I can give because I don’t know for sure and I still have reservations about vaccines and pharmaceuticals and I don’t believe Diana was killed by the paparazzi not did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself.

Why did I take a step back from the conspiracy theory world? Because it was getting really dark, the school shooting fake news stuff when people were openly grieving was completely disturbing.

But also because I realised I needed to heal myself, rescue myself and this stuff wasn’t serving me, was keeping me from my soul purpose.

Rescue doesn’t come from outside of you.

Change is going to happen. It’s always happening. And is less frightening when we stop resisting it.

And Trump? Well, I sincerely hope he doesn’t win the election in November but who knows?

Regardless of that, I know like I know my own name, he sure isn’t on the side of angels. There’s only one side Trump is on, his!


Cynthia xx

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