Who the f*ck am I to tell you what’s wrong with you?

I’m not trying to tell you what’s wrong with you, I am helping you see it yourself. Because until you acknowledge your issue, you can’t and won’t do anything about it.

What gives me the right?

I do! I’m a professional problem solver. That’s what I do. I solve those urgent, painful expensive problems that keep coming at you, over and over.

How do I know you have the same problem over and over? Because I’m able to shine a light on something powerful that’s been hidden from you.

So, what’s your pain? Stressed? Burned out? Constantly fire fighting at work and at home? Everything coming at you at once and you’re trying to hold it all together and everyone else is in your way and making things worse?

I show professional people who are over-stressed, burned out, tired and fed up, who are frustrated at everything coming at them and having to deal with it all themselves to quickly bring great energy, clarity, creativity and calm back to their business, get better results, rebuild staff relationships and have more time to enjoy life and their family again.
You can solve your urgent, painful, expensive problems. Sooner rather than later.
Increase your freedom and have:
  • More Time
  • More Money
  • More Purpose
  • Better Relationships
At the same time as increasing the value of your:
  • Commitment
  • Courage
  • Capability
  • Confidence
You will:
  • improve your clarity
  • reduce your overwhelm
  • create a new way of thinking and being that keeps you calm and energised
  • solve your work relationship problems because you’ll show up differently and be present
  • reset your family and romantic relationships
I will give you the exact strategies, mindset and skill set to move the needle on the things that matter most.
Imagine it’s easy. See yourself once again having intense focus and able to take intelligent action.
And stop being so damn comfortable with this sh!t!
Its time to Think BIGGER, to Act BIGGER.
Fully engage in what’s possible for you and believe you can have your life exactly the way you want it.
Other people do, so why not you?
See the potential to change your life dramatically and get in touch. Its what I do.
Cynthia xx

PS. If you need more help get in touch. That’s what I’m here for! And if you really want to learn the techniques I describe above and learn how to help yourself faster. Then treat yourself to a few sessions, it will be one of the best things you can do for yourself. I promise/

My Signature Program, Change for Life. Ready to enrol new clients, yippee! Are you ready, willing and able to do what it takes until it takes to get the life you want? Are you ready to step up and invest in yourself and commit to building the life and the identity of your best self?

Change for Life: The Self Restorer


It’s Time to STOP Letting Your Past Rule Your Present and Define Your Future

HypnoTherapyCoaching is a Personal Transformation Program to take you from where you currently are to that best version of YOU, you as you always wanted to be.

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